IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2005-03-18

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bskahanth1a: how'd the talk go?01:47
th1aI'd say it went well.01:47
th1aI'm writing an email to the list about it right now.01:47
bskahanschooltool traffic on technorati picked up a but01:47
th1aA bit.01:47
th1aThe most I could really hope for is getting some name recognition and create the general sense that SchoolTool is actually technologically interesting.01:48
bskahanseems like it works01:49
bskahanhow's the conference otherwise?01:49
th1aThe next step on this path is to scare up an article or two on O'Reillynet.01:49
th1aThis is the second ETech I've been too.01:49
th1aIt is sorta simultaneously losing momentum intellectually while more people realize that there is real money to be made in the traditional social software related ETech concepts.01:50
th1aThe most interesting new stuff was more hardware hacking related.01:51
th1aMake magazine ish.01:51
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szazmorning - anyone in?14:42
szazguess not...14:45
szazback later14:45
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bskahananyone seen this project before
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th1aHe shoots... HE SCORES!22:44
th1aI just got back from High Tech High.22:44
th1aWe've got Bill Gates' favorite high school ready to start working on SchoolTool.22:44
th1aThey've got one person who works with their student information system (PowerSchool) full time (across three schools), so they've got actual bandwidth to give us ongoing feedback and collaboration through the next year.22:46
th1aIt's a great school, too.  Very similar to our school in Providence.  Actually a little simpler administratively.22:47
* th1a doesn't know how to shout on IRC.22:47
th1atvon & bskahan:  Hey!22:48
* mgedmin should be happy, but me is completely exhausted22:48
mgedminoh, news: Albert's son was born this morning22:48
mgedminI suspect you won't be seeing him here during the next week22:48
th1amgedmin:  Yeah the project is spread out across even more timezones now.22:48
th1amgedmin:  Excellent news.22:49
tvonth1a: very nice22:50
tvonmgedmin: very nice as well22:50
tvonanother python hacker poofs into existance22:51
th1atvon:  All we have to do is write a student information system in a year, and we should have a solid foothold in the US.22:51
th1aThey're planning on opening more schools based on their model around the country (and it is quite likely to happen, I think) so naturally they'd like to use our software.22:53
tvonvery nice22:53
th1aAt the other schools as well.22:53
th1aI set up open space time to talk about SchoolTool at PyCon in the afternoon following our SchoolBell talk.23:02
tvonthat's day 1 right?23:02
bskahanvery cool23:17
bskahanmgedmin: give albert and family best wishes23:18
th1aYeah, day one.23:19
th1atvon:  yes.23:19
bskahanthey're sprinting at PyCon, should probably get together with them23:20
th1aOh, it's python.23:20
bskahanwhat's python?23:21
th1aIt is Zope.23:21
bskahanwith a postgres backend23:22
bskahannot sure, they don't have any releases yet it looks like23:22
th1aMight be some good plane reading.23:23
th1aSounds like what I was working on last year, albeit probably in a less insane way.23:23
bskahannot AT based23:24
th1aThat would make it slightly easier to port, I'd think.23:24
bskahanuses dtml23:24
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