IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2005-01-29

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jintyplone hits back: POSKeyError00:08
algamgedmin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!00:09
th1aWhat are you trying to get it to do?00:09
jintyundo my last edit00:09
th1aHm.  Are you trying to use reStructured text?00:10
jintyjust some halfway rational numbering scheme that doesn't look to bad. Whatever happened to good old latex.00:10
jintyis that bad00:10
th1aIt shouldn't be :-)  But I haven't found it to work very well.00:11
th1aUsing the WISYWIG html editor is much less frustrating.00:11
th1aalga:  It's Marius's birthday?00:12
bskahanmgedmin: happy birthday!00:12
jintyaaagh! a web interface compared to vim?00:12
th1aWhere is the document you're working on?00:13
jintymgedmin: Is it your birthday? or something else going on here?00:18
th1ajinty:  Marius upgraded our Plone installation to try to get rid of the bug that has been crashing the site for the past six months.00:19
th1aThat might have caused some problems with the "ATDocuments" like the one you're trying to edit?00:20
* jinty thought so, but didn't want to make a fauxpas00:22
jintyhappy birthday - "If the error persists please contact the site maintainer."00:32
th1aI have to take that burden off Marius.00:33
* mgedmin quietly pretends he's not here00:35
th1amgedmin: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!00:36
th1ajinty:  So you're trying to undo the last change?00:36
th1aYep, that's an error alright.00:37
jintyI tried, then the server gave the error. Now, every time I look at the history, I get it again. The history worked before I tried to undo anything.00:38
tvonsomeones birthday?00:38
tvonmine was the 17th00:38
th1atvon:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!00:38
tvonI noticed none of you got me anything.  punks.00:38
tvonth1a: thanks :)00:38
jintytvon: do you have a web site I can use for a moment?00:39
tvonjinty: what do you mean?00:40
tvonto stick something online?00:40
jintypreferebly a plone site:)00:40
tvonwhat do you want to do to it? :)00:41
th1ajinty wants to see if his document breaks your site.00:41
tvonI can quickly make you a plone instance and give you manager access to it00:41
jintyI would'nt want you to feel left out after I gave marius a present and not you00:41
* jinty thinks it isn't in the document, but in the document locking. 00:44
tvonjinty: you get that or did you poof?00:50
jintynope, re-structured text is not structured text. your plone site is safe from me00:50
tvonatct is installable there, it has rest00:51
* jinty thinks it is not worth the trouble, but is thankfull nevertheless.00:52
jintyI really doubt the problem is with the document.00:52
* tvon nods00:58
bskahanhadn't occurred to me that I'd have to zero out the existing new_person.__links__01:03
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bskahannm, don't have to01:04
jintyth1a: can I commit an imaginary timetabler client? (with only docstrings) in src/timetabler?01:05
jintyas a basis for future discussion01:06
th1aIt's ok with me.01:06
jintyanyone else?01:06
mgedminsrc/ is in PYTHONPATH01:06
jintyok, into a branch then?01:06
mgedminI'm not sure01:08
mgedminIt's not a bad thing to put things into src/01:08
mgedminbut maybe 'timetabler' is too generic01:08
jintyIm leaving the thinking of snazzy names to someone better at it01:08
mgedminwill it be tied into the schooltool release cycle?01:09
mgedminI mean, how tied with schooltool will it be?01:09
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jintyit shouldn't even be released for a long time to come01:09
mgedminin the past we have created a /demo for a related project (the schooltool demo server)01:09
mgedminat the very top of the repository01:09
th1aI think that would be appropriate in this case.01:10
jintyIt will use the guiclient modules01:10
mgedminactually in /trunk, not at the *very* top01:10
mgedminanyway, it's really easy to move things around with svn mv01:11
mgedminjust create /trunk/timetabler or something, if we find a better place, we'll move it01:11
* mgedmin thinks that perhaps we should move the wxwidgets client into /trunk/wxschooltool01:12
mgedminI think it would be nice if /trunk/schooltool contained more-or-less the same things as a released source tarball01:12
tvonthat kind of consistancy isnice01:12
mgedminit's not very important, but nice01:13
mgedminI'm not sure yet how the schooltool/schoolbell split affects things01:13
tvonthough, wasn't the wxclient going to be used only as an example..for documentation?01:13
mgedminyeah, if it will come in the tarball, it should stay in /trunk/schooltool/01:13
jintymy vision is to tarballs, each containing one module01:14
tvonDo we have plans to create a fat client at some point in the future?01:14
th1aWe don't have any vision of a comprehensive fat client.01:14
* bskahan thinks a fat client for the gradebook may be needed01:14
th1aThe timetabling client may be a fat client.01:14
bskahanteachers grade offline01:14
th1aThat's a whole ball of wax.01:15
th1aWe might start thinking about that in a year.01:15
th1aMaking it a fat network client doesn't do much good.01:15
th1aThe gradebook needs to sync.01:15
th1aSupporting gradebook clients is scary.01:16
th1aYou're putting some of your most important data in the least reliable place.01:16
th1aI think we'll look for lower hanging fruit.01:17
* jinty has a personal belief that the timetabling client doesn't have to be specific to schooltool01:23
th1aThat's the direction we've been driving.01:23
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jintybskahan: till monday...01:41
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