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th1amgedmin:  I haven't been able to hit for several days.  I figured it was an artifact of connecting from my parents' house, but I'm having the same problem back at home now.  I seem to be the only one with this problem, though.19:27
th1aI imagine it is some kind of DNS weirdness.19:28
mgedminI can ping your IP from here19:28 should resolve to
th1aHm.  Apparently not a DNS problem.19:30
th1aTrying traceroute...19:32
th1aMade it to tallinn...19:32
th1aWeird.  Here's the last part of the traceroute:19:33
th1a12 (  154.553 ms (  121.815 ms (  123.899 ms19:34
th1a13  * (  125.03 ms  134.437 ms19:34
th1a14 (  131.337 ms  146.521 ms *19:34
th1a15 (  136.609 ms  133.634 ms  135.315 ms19:34
th1a16 (  135.407 ms  162.554 ms  138.063 ms19:34
th1a17 (  167.453 ms  159.697 ms  152.521 ms19:34
th1a18 (  184.878 ms  151.885 ms  213.239 ms19:34
th1a19 (  154.295 ms  229.119 ms  153.776 ms19:34
th1a20 (  153.354 ms  155.173 ms  159.039 ms19:34
th1a21  * * *19:34
th1a22  * * *19:34
th1a23  * * *19:34
th1a24  * * *19:34
th1aI don't actually understand traceroute, by the way.19:36
mgedminmy traceroute starts with19:53
mgedmin 1  router.lan (  21.546 ms  0.503 ms  0.447 ms19:53
mgedmin 2 (  1.739 ms  1.650 ms  4.489 ms19:53
mgedmin 3 (  8.212 ms  2.374 ms  4.411 ms19:53
mgedmin 4 (  2.783 ms  6.540 ms  2.563 ms19:53
mgedmin 5 (  4.468 ms  2.934 ms  3.782 ms19:53
mgedmin 6 (  19.481 ms  17.549 ms  18.637 ms19:53
mgedmin 7 (  20.988 ms  20.122 ms  20.195 ms19:53
mgedminit appears that you reach the network (213.197.176.x) that is in our building19:53
mgedminor maybe not19:54
mgedmin213.197.143.149 is in our building, 213.197.176.x is somewhere else19:55
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mgedminth1a: can you email the full traceroute to Albert -- he will follow it up with our ISP20:07
tvon|x31this coverage biz is lovely20:33
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algath1a: can I get the traceroute output please?20:36
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tvon|x31addParam in CalendarViewBase seems unused/untested21:12
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th1aalga:  Sorry, I was out shoveling the sidewalk.  I sent the trace.21:33
algathanks.  Bug report already submitted to our ISP.21:43
th1aThank you.21:43
SteveAwe should have the dedicated schooltool hosted server available in just a few weeks22:41
th1aIf it isn't done by then I want my money back.22:41
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th1aWhat's the definition of a facet factory?22:58
th1aFacet factories define what kind of facets can be applied to an object?22:59
mgedminfacet factories are components that create facets23:02
mgedminthe user can place arbitrary facets on objects23:02
mgedminfacet factories define what facets can be created in this way23:03
th1aHow can you create a facet without a factory?23:03
mgedminthe user can't23:03
mgedminthe code can23:03
th1aOK.  Thanks.23:03
mgedminsome facets are created automatically23:03
mgedmine.g. when you add a person to the Teachers group, he gets a TeacherFacet23:04
mgedminIIRC you cannot manually place a TeacherFacet on a random person23:04
th1aSo there isn't a teacher facet factory?23:04
*mgedmin notices that he has forgotten some of the more obscure corners of facets and relationships23:05
mgedminno, there isn't23:05
mgedminthere is a teacher group facet factory23:05
mgedminwhich was necessary because we initially did not pre-create the 'teachers' group in the application itself23:06
mgedminthe 'teachers' group was usually created via CSV import23:06
mgedminand the CSV file specified that this group had to have a 'teacher_group' facet23:06
mgedmin(if I remember it correctly)23:06
th1aOK.  We'll have to discuss these default roles in more detail at some point in the future -- we're going to need a few more roles (school administrator, etc).23:07
mgedminI would like to use the opportunity provided by our internal restructurings (that happen as part of the Zope 3 transition) and simplify facets and relationships23:07
th1aSounds like a good idea.23:08
mgedminit is a bad sign when the developers themselves do not remember the difference between the 'relate' function, relationship schemas, valencies and SchemaInvocation objects23:08
mgedminI would like to write some executable documentation -- basically a ReStructuredText file with doctests inside23:08
mgedminsuch as used for new code in Zope 323:08
th1aI'd like that.23:09
mgedminI imagine a text file for each concept in SchoolTool -- relationships.txt, events.txt, absence-tracking.txt, calendars.txt, etc.23:09
*mgedmin scribbles this down into "ideas for the next proposal" list23:10
th1aMore docs will be most welcome.23:11
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