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mgedminth1a: I suggest marking all bugs that must be fixed before the schoolbell chrismas release with a newly created keyword in issues.schooltool.org19:24
mgedminI can probably find the time to go through them tomorrow19:25
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th1aYou mean fix them?20:01
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th1amgedmin:  do you mean you can work on them?20:01
th1aCool.  20:03
mgedminI just do not like the thought of making a release with known bugs, if those bugs can be fixed easily20:03
th1aRight.  Although it isn't really going to be a formal release.  More of a snapshot.20:03
th1aI think we tried to cram too much into too short a time.20:04
th1abska|mobile:  ayt?20:18
bska|mobilemgedmin: I'm still working on bugs today, let me know what you find20:52
th1abska|mobile:  hi20:53
mgedminbska|mobile: one unit test fails in schooltool-ui branch (schooltool.browser.tests.test_csvimport.TestTimetableCSVImportView.test_access) on my machine20:54
bska|mobilemgedmin: thanks, I'll work on that next20:54
mgedminbska|mobile: I suggested earlier that you and/or th1a look at existing bugs in issues.schooltool.org20:57
mgedminand mark the ones that you think need to be fixed before this release with a keyword20:57
mgedmin(I used keywords 'm7' and 'm8' for past releases)20:57
mgedminthen I'll go through marked issues and see whether I can fix them20:57
mgedminbefore the release20:57
bska|mobileI'll take a look20:58
bska|mobileI have about 5 things outstanding here that I think should work before putting together a tarball20:59
th1abska|mobile:  what are the 5 things?21:17
bska|mobileth1a: popups don't close/refresh parent on update, the unittest marius mentioned is tied to an error that anon users get viewing calendars if the breadcrumbs are included, the jump-to box doesn't work21:23
th1aI'm a little dubious about the breadcrumbs.21:23
th1aFor SchoolBell.21:24
bska|mobileI'm not married to them being in the UI for this release, but I think its a symptom of a bug that needs to be fixed21:24
bska|mobileeven after its fixed I'm not sure that I'll leave them in21:25
bska|mobilethe "start" breadcrumb doesn't refer to "home" anymore since "home" is your calendar now21:25
bska|mobileactually, the popup parent refresh and the jumpto box are the only features I'm still working on, the other stuff is breaking tests, but appears to work21:27
bska|mobilemgedmin: I moved some methods from MonthlyCalendarView to CalendarViewBase, for the tests I should leave the old test in MonthlyView and write a new one in ViewBase?21:29
mgedminit would be better to move the test21:29
mgedminthere were some cases when we had two very similair methods (with tests) in two classes21:30
mgedminand then we merged the methods into one method in a shared superclass21:31
bska|mobilemgedmin: ok21:31
mgedminbut left the tests in place because the shared superclass was not really self-contained21:31
mgedminhowever in that case there should be a comment saying that 'method foo is tested in subclass unit tests' or something like that21:31
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mgedminwhat does the following bit of code mean?22:58
mgedminitertools.chain(traverse(self.context, '/persons').itervalues())22:58
mgedminisn't that the same as traverse(self.context, '/persons').itervalues()?22:58
mgedmin(GuardianEditView._source in trunk)23:00
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