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algahi, th1a, are you there?17:10
th1aI'm here.17:11
th1aWhat's up, alga?17:12
algawhat is the status of the proposal?17:14
th1aIt's OK by me.  Maybe I only sent my reply to mgedmin.17:15
algathe thing is, I think we'd like to shift the schedule back a week or so17:15
algaMarius is away, I got ill, and Gintas is deep in his studies17:16
algaso, we kind of lost this week17:16
th1aI noticed that.17:16
th1aI've been under the weather myself.17:16
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algaMarius said that the next release will include just the Etria UI work anyway17:17
th1aRight.  I've been focusing my attention on that side.17:17
algaso the timing is not so essential anyway.  Is it true?17:17
th1aWell, the overall pace of development is important.17:18
th1aBut no, I'm not sweating your deadline.17:18
th1aotoh, this is probably bad management on my part.17:18
th1aI need to start cracking the whip.17:19
algacome on ;-)17:28
th1aIt shouldn't make much difference that you're starting next week.17:30
mgedminwas there an explicit deadline date in the proposal?17:36
th1aI think so.17:37
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th1ajinty: hi17:47
jintyth1a: hey17:48
jintyjust wanted to ask about the release schedule.17:48
th1aRight.  I was going to send you an email.  17:49
th1aLet's do a release candidate for SchoolBell 0.8 next week, if you can.17:49
th1aThen the final after Christmas.17:49
th1aAt the beginning of January.17:50
jintyFrom which branch, and what work still needs to be done?17:50
jintyWho are the people involved?17:51
th1aThere's still a fair amount of work to be done.  I think we're shooting for finishing on Tuesday.17:51
th1aThis is all Etria, and all the work is in the schoolbell-ui branch.17:52
th1aSo I guess we can just release from that.17:52
jintyOk, but what are the plans for the branch after this release? will it be merged into the trunk?17:53
jintyBut it will have to be schooltool 0.9 and schoolbell 0.9 together.17:54
th1aI don't have any strong views about when the merge will happen.17:54
th1aSchoolBell 0.9 is going to preceed SchoolTool 0.9, probably by about a month.17:55
jintyIt's quite difficullt to do it that way.17:56
jintyBecause the schooltool and bell share the same source package17:56
jintyand the version number comes from the source package17:56
th1aIn Debian, you mean?17:56
jintyDebian + Ubuntu + everything else with debs17:57
jintybut what about a 0.9 now, and a 0.10 later?17:57
th1aWell, I was also going to write a longer post about the coming divergence of SchoolBell and SchoolTool.17:58
th1aMaybe I should do that now.17:59
jintyhow much are they ging to diverge?18:00
mgedminit is going to be confusing if we refer both to the calendaring library, and the calendaring product as 'SchoolBell'18:00
mgedminmaybe we should come up with different names?18:00
th1aAlso, perhaps we'll have to delay the .debs for 0.9 but we'll be able to do a source release.18:00
th1aNames are a problem.18:00
th1aYou're right, library should probably have a different name.18:01
jintyIs this going to be split into a completely separate python module?18:02
mgedminit is going to be a separate python package18:02
mgedminthat depends on parts of Zope 3, but does not depend on the rest of SchoolTool18:03
mgedminI have an initial stab at this library after the week in MatarĂ³18:03
jintyGreat, then I can package it in a separate source package.18:03
jintybut no, maybe thats not required18:04
mgedminthat's probably not useful before there's a zope3 package in debian/ubuntu18:04
jintybut, like schooltool it can contain parts of zope. How much of zope does it need?18:05
*mgedmin looks18:05
jintyin % terms?18:06
mgedminzope.interface, zope.schema18:06
mgedminalso zope.publisher.browser if you want to use the bundled iCalendar read view18:06
mgedminand that dependency is only used in unit tests, to get TestRequest18:07
mgedminwe also need zope.testing.doctest18:07
mgedminthat's it for now18:08
th1aSo we could still package that all together.18:08
mgedminyes, but how many copies of zope.interface do I need on my system?18:08
jintyagreed, but pull in all of zope for the interfaces?18:09
mgedmineventually we will want separate packages for this library, but I think that will be when useful zope libraries will be packaged separately18:09
jintymy next question was if zope was monolithic18:10
jintybut I agree, wait and see18:10
jintyback to the schooltool/bell issue18:10
algawooho, I've made rev 2222!18:11
th1aSo my thoughts at this point are that we should do SchoolBell 1.0 in March, and after that, most of the development will be community driven, at least for features.18:11
jintyRight now, If I release some base of code as schoolbell x, I automatically release schooltool x18:11
th1aWe'll continue marching along with SchoolTool development, and fold relevant bits back in.18:12
th1aFor SchoolBell 1.0 we'll probably want to as much of the irrelevant school-related bits out as we can.18:12
th1aThis is more of a pain from our point of view, but it will make SchoolBell easier to use and develop on for other people.18:14
jintybut,  what I am worried about, is, if we release schoolbell/tool 0.9 with the branch, then all of the features of that branch should be in the next release as well18:14
jintyso we can't release once from the -ui branch, and next from the trunk18:14
jintyunless we merge first18:14
th1aOK.  18:15
jintygood, thanks18:15
th1aI don't know how difficult merging will be.18:16
*mgedmin still has to take a look at the changes18:16
mgedminI didn't have time to do that at the conference18:16
jintysince the -ui branch will be released as "stable" in the next release, why not merge often18:17
jintyi.e. every few days?18:17
jintythe pain might be less later18:17
jintyBut otherwise, no problems, I will release the -ui branch as a RC when etria is ready. (Wednesday?)18:22
jintyit will be released as schoolbell 0.9 and schooltool 0.918:23
jintyis this ok?18:24
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th1aWell, no.  Because SchoolBell 0.9 will hide a lot of SchoolTool functionality.18:27
th1aSo we could skip SchoolTool 0.9.18:27
th1aOr delay the .debs of SchoolBell 0.9.18:27
jintyI have to look at the debian build process, but I dont think so.18:28
th1aOr just make this SchoolBell 0.8.1?18:28
jintyThe problem is that because they are from the same source package.18:29
th1aI'm getting the feeling that this isn't going to be a quick and easy release.18:29
jintyit's really difficult, because the version number of the debs is from the source package18:30
jintyand, actually, i never upload .debs18:30
jintythey are always built automatically from the source package18:31
jintyso the debs always have the same version number as the source package18:31
th1aLet me write up the overall strategy for getting to SchoolBell and SchoolTool 1.0 and then we can come up with a long-range plan that make sense.18:31
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th1aIt's a little hard to get across the big picture via IRC.18:32
bskahanI think they need to be split into seperate trees, once we can dep on Zope 318:33
jintyis there a problem with a schooltool 0.9 that is the same as schooltool 0.8?18:33
th1aIn the medium term, SchoolTool and SchoolBell are going to have to have different sets of page templates.18:35
jintyis that all?18:35
th1aWhich we figure we can handle in the build process.18:35
bskahanthey have different view code as well18:35
bskahannot significantly now, but they will diverge18:36
bskahanwell, depending on how we go forward18:36
jintybut they are one code base right now, with only one difference in configuration?18:37
bskahanbut we've made changes to schooltool.browser to accomodate the new templates18:37
jintyso actually schooltool-ui is schoolbell?18:37
bskahanthey're one code base right now18:40
jintythen will they diverge before for 0.9?18:40
bskahanbut the sr/schooltool/browser/www directory will have to diverge18:40
bskahanyes, there's features specific to schools (like "view by periods") that won't be in the UI18:41
jintyok, so building schoolbell requires something to be done to this directory?18:42

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