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bskahanmorning all17:56
th1aGood morning.17:56
th1aDid you guys take a look at the wiki page?17:57
bskahannot in a few days17:57
th1aOK.  That's what I was writing on last night:
th1aThat's a take on the requirements.17:59
th1aThis contract is a bit more nebulous since it is hard to quantify usability and design.17:59
bskahanhowdo you want to handle breaking the schoolbell UI out from the schooltool UI at this point?18:02
th1aDifferent set of page templates.18:03
bskahanlinked via the makfile?18:03
tvon|x31back (had to clean up a coffee spill)18:05
th1aThat seems like the easiest way to do it.18:05
tvon|x31The simplest way to do it at this point seems to be to have a seperate www directory18:05
th1aI hope we can do this milestone without forking any non-template code.18:05
tvon|x31though the view's (python) will surely need tweaking as well18:05
bskahanschooltool.browser will have to change, but the changes can probably be done consistently18:06
tvon|x31There are things we'll need to put into the python but I don't think they'll break schooltool at all18:06
th1aSure, but hopefully our tweaks will be equally applicable.18:06
tvon|x31should we make a branch for the time being?  branches/schoolbell-ui18:07
th1aThat sounds reasonable, but I'm not sure.18:10
th1aIt seems to me that you should be able to blast through an initial implementation of this stuff in a week, and then we can spend a week testing, tweaking, adding a few bits.18:12
bskahanfrom the Wiki18:12
tvon|x31that sounds reasonable18:12
bskahan Links to iCal versions on REST interface. A link to remove the calendar from the list.18:12
bskahando you explicitly not want to link from the HTML?18:12
mgedminactually, it might be a good idea to make iCal files available on the web server directly18:13
th1aI don't want people to be thinking about "going to look at another calendar."18:13
mgedminthen people who do disable the REST server in schooltool.conf will be able to use iCalendar clients18:13
th1amgedmin:  you're probably right.18:13
th1aThat would be helpful in the short term.18:14
th1aAnd easy, right?18:14
bskahanI think "Open in iCal" is reasonably understandable18:14
bskahanWhen an authenticated user logs in to the root of the site, they should be redirected to their calendar.18:17
bskahan^ -> they should be redirected to their last overlay view18:18
th1aYeah, that's essentially the same thing.18:18
bskahanso if I want to always see "MyCalendar" &  "MyWorkgroupsCalendars"  side by side18:18
th1athey'll be going to /persons/bskahan/calendar18:19
bskahanthere's no story for redoing the booking view18:20
bskahanadding it under the second user story18:20
tvon|x31There is a note about adding notes via the Atom publishing API...18:21
bskahanit via the ST rest API18:21
th1aAh, well, that can be optional perhaps.18:22
bskahanI did find a tool for Atom publishing via rest rather than soap the other day though18:23
th1aA tool.18:24
bskahanth1a: how did you want to change the booking workflow?18:24
bskahanprogram in someones CVS18:24
bskahanhave to track it down again18:24
bskahanatom reader/publisher that doesn't use the atom publishing API18:25
th1aNothing fancy, just skipping the "search" step, since you're just looking at the calendars instead.18:25
bskahanthat works if your looking at the calendar of the resource18:26
bskahanbut how would it work in "book a resource from my calendar"18:27
th1aI was a little distracted there.  Talking to my sister for a minute...18:27
th1aYou will be looking at the calendar of the resource in the sense that it will be an active overlay on your calendar.18:28
th1aI don't want people to think "I have to go somewhere to look at the resource's calendar."18:29
th1aSo when you go to the booking form it will know:  what day you're interested in, what time to the hour, and which resources you're looking at.18:30
th1aAlso it would be nice to be able to make simple repeating reservations, but that might be a bonus feature.18:31
bskahanI need to find a conference room at 9 am tomorrow until 1pm18:31
bskahanI'm looking at my calendar18:31
bskahanwe have conference room a, b, c18:32
bskahanto find out which is available in the time I need I would have to add them all to my calendar overlay?18:32
th1aThat's what I'm saying.18:32
th1aWe can also do the search thing as it works now.18:32
th1aSpruce it up a bit.18:33
bskahanI'm all for adding a calendar widget18:33
bskahanand making the selection checkboxes, I think18:33
bskahanpeople don't get the whole "hold down control to select another non-contiguous item"18:34
bskahanfrom a calender view though, the start time is pre-filled18:35
th1aIn general, in this release we want to make simple cases simple.  This is an introduction to SchoolBell.  18:35
bskahanI click "booking" at tomorrow 9am I get a simplified version of busysearch with the start time "Tomorrow 9am seleted" I pick from all available resources and set the duration18:36
bskahanI get back a list of everything available at that time18:36
bskahanfor that duration18:36
th1aYeah.  And the resources which you're looking at are preselected.18:36
th1aYou get a list of what's available from what you've selected.18:37
th1aNow, there's a lot to do with grouping resources, etc.18:37
th1aBut I don't want to get too tangled up in that, unless everything else goes stunningly quickly and well.18:37
bskahanthe other aproach is "i need one of resource a,b or c for any 2 hours tomorrow"18:38
th1aOh yeah.  That's the kind of thing schools don't need.18:38
th1aBut other orgs do.18:38
bskahanthen proabably not for this release, a full meeting scheduler18:39
th1aIt seems like the search dialogue should be able to accommodate that pretty easily, though.18:39
bskahanI need persons a, b, AND c AND resource a, b, OR c sometime tomorrow when we're all free18:39
th1aWe'll be putting a lot of time into resource booking in the next few months.  It'll be a big selling point for schools.18:40
bskahanthe way we just went through it, we still have busysearch in every booking, its just pre-populated and adds a calendar widget for picking date/time?18:41
tvon|x31Nice calendar widget, I believe what plone uses in it's popup:
bskahanyou can book from /persons/bskahan/calendar or /resources/room121/calendar18:43
bskahanif you book from the resource calendar then you don't need the busysearch18:43
th1aI'm don't want to encourage people to go to the resources page at this point.18:43
th1aBut I suppose you should be able to book once you get there.  But it isn't necessary in this release.18:44
th1aI want this use case to be as direct as possible:18:44
th1aI need to use the library next week.18:44
th1aI select library from my legend (I use it regularly, so I keep it handy, but not selected).18:45
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jintyth1a: ayt?20:55
th1aHow's the Canonical conference?20:55
jintyGetting to provew I actually esist20:56
jintyand losing the ability to type20:56
th1aIt is good to verify that we're all not chatbots.20:57
jintyOtherwise, they are going through proposals for the ubuntu supported seed now. Do you want me to propose schooltool?20:57
th1aThe Ubuntu supported seed?20:57
jintyYep. But Im not sure if they accept or not.20:58
th1aI don't know what that means.  Regardless, the current version isn't ready.20:58
mgedminjinty: you are at the canonical conference?20:58
th1aI do think two weeks of UI hacking is going to do wonders for SchoolBell.20:58
mgedminit appears that I'll be going there next week20:58
mgedminperhaps we will meet there20:58
jintymgedmin: yep, I hear you might be coming over as well20:59
th1amgedmin:  that should be a fun trip.20:59
th1aNice and warm.20:59
jintymgedmin: for sure20:59
jintyNO..... COLD20:59
jintyI have to close my window at night20:59
jintyand sometime we don't have sun for a day or so21:00
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th1aI guess Spain is still pretty far north.21:00
jintySevilla is still warm, but we are down to about 5-10 degC21:01
jintyAnyway, I think the most pressing issue for the supported seed will be this database issue...21:03
th1aI assume we won't have any trouble getting into Ubuntu when we're ready.21:04
th1aWe've got connections.21:04
jintyI know:), still it would be better if we do it without reference to those connections.21:05
th1aSevilla is about 4 degrees south of Providence.21:05
th1aIn case you were wondering.21:06
jintyActually, never been to Sevilla. But I hear it is quite amazing.21:07
jintySpanish fiesta and all that.21:07
th1aWhat part of Spain is that?21:08
jintyFar south. I hear it is one of the old spanish towns.21:09
th1aAh.  Are you in Barcelona now?21:10
jintyClose, a small town about an hour by train.21:12
jintyBut I live almost in the center.21:12
th1aOK.  We're at the same latitude then.21:12
jintyHow cold is it there?21:13
th1aIn the 30's fahrenheit.  I guess about 5.  It is supposed to snow tonight.21:13
*mgedmin googles for "30 fahrenheit"21:14
mgedmin 30 degrees Fahrenheit = -1.11111111 degrees Celsius21:14
jintyso a white christmas for you then. Here, never, because of the sea"21:14
jinty(x-32) /1.821:15
jintyonce i was an engineer...21:15
th1aOnce I was an English teacher...21:17
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mgedmincool, somebody already made the iCalendar calendar accessible via the web port!22:50
*mgedmin has just installed a schoolbell server at PoV office, for "dog food" testing22:51
th1aThey did?22:51
th1aI didn't get any emails about checkins.22:52
*mgedmin checks22:58
mgedminapparently alga did it four months ago (2004-08-12)22:59
mgedminI had just forgotten about it ;)22:59
th1aWhat's the path?22:59
mgedminyou get a link on the front page22:59
mgedminand http://server:7080/persons/$personid/timetable-calendar.ics22:59
mgedminperhaps it even works with iCal23:00
mgedminbecause the path ends in 'calendar.ics'23:00
mgedmincould you try it?23:00
th1aI've used that link, but I didn't notice where it was going.23:01
mgedminhmm, aparently HTTP basic authentication does not work for that link...23:02
th1aThat's not good.23:03
*mgedmin stares at the code23:09
*mgedmin writes a test23:12
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mgedminit works now23:15
*mgedmin commits the fix23:15
mgedminmy schoolbell calendar events are now displayed in the pop-up calendar GNOME desktop applet23:20
mgedminunfortunately evolution doesn't appear to be able to modify web calendars, it can only display them23:20
th1aDoes it try to modify them?23:20
th1aWe're still not quite working with iCal either, for POST-ing.  I have to turn on Ethereal to figure out exactly why.23:21
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