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jintyPOV: can we continue our discussion on locales? I am would like to make sure of some things.17:22
perejinty: anything I can answer about locales?17:51
jintyDunno, more of how the locales work in schooltool. It appears to me that the first locale is the 17:53
jintysorry -17:54
jintythat the ordering of locales in the config file is important17:54
jintyand that the first locale is the primary, with the others as bakups (for translations)17:55
th1ajinty:  Do we need both the schooltool and schoolbell source tgz's on the release page?  Shouldn't we just have one?17:55
jintyth1a: Fine with me - the schoolbell.tar.gz is just a subset of the schooltool.tar.gz17:57
jintyIt was just about differentiation of schoolbell and schooltool.17:58
th1aGetting pyOpenSSL going on Windows is proving to be a pain.  There wasn't a Python 2.3 binary on the SourceForge site, but I eventually found one, after trying unsuccessfully to get it to compile its exensions form source.17:58
th1aSo it works.17:59
th1aWe need a little wxPython app to start and stop the server.18:02
jintyfor windows?18:02
th1aWell, really it should probably run as a service.18:03
jintyThats the way linux does it.18:03
jintyor the deb packages .18:04
th1aI'm not sure of the exact nature of WIndows services.  How they're different from daemons.18:04
jintyI'm also a bit lost here.18:05
th1aWell, I'm foggy on it too.18:05
jintyHow much can the auto-installer do for windows? Is it similar to packaging?18:06
th1aYou can run things as "services" in Windows, which has some special meaning, the exact meaning is unclear to me.18:06
th1aBasically you use the py2exe package with to create a static .exe, and then it is pretty simple to make an installer using a utility.18:07
th1aSchoolTool is more complicated than the apps I've done this with before, but it shouldn't be too hard.18:08
th1aAnd then there's the whole "running as a service" thing we don't grok at all.18:08
*mgedmin was out lunching and just got back18:10
jintyA vague guess is that services are analogus to the unix services.18:10
th1aSimilar, but different!18:10
mgedminjinty: you are right about the ordering18:11
mgedminyou can specify a number of languages18:11
mgedminfor every translatable string schooltool will first try to find the translation into language A18:11
mgedminif it is not found, it will look for B18:12
mgedminthen C18:12
mgedminfinally falling back to the untranslated string18:12
mgedmine.g. if the user knows spanish and german but no english18:12
mgedmin(he is a native spanish speaker and only speaks german a little bit)18:12
jintythanks, unfortunately writing a debconf setup is much more difficult if the order is important18:12
mgedminand if there is a full german translation but only an incomplete spanish one18:13
mgedminthen specifying spanish:german will result in a mixed spanish-german environment18:13
mgedminthat is hopefully more usable than half-translated into spanish and the other half in english18:13
mgedminI think for debconf it would be enough to just specify a single language18:14
mgedminand let the user edit the config file manually18:14
jintyalso usefull if there are similar languages en_US en_ZA cone to mind18:14
jintyif it's not done properly a dpkg-reconfigure will destroy the user changes.18:15
jintyas the way it works is to load the config file to the debconf cache, ask the questions and the re-write it 18:16
jintyBTW: a very good default is /etc/environment where the locales package writes the default system locale18:17
mgedminI think debian policy absolutely insists that the sysadmin may edit config files manually18:17
mgedmindoesn't it?18:17
jintyyes, thats why it must be done properly.18:18
jintydebconf must not destroy user changes...18:18
jintyNow that I understand the problem, I'll take it to debian-mentors and see what they advise18:19
jintyI think I will commit something now that sets one default language from /etc/environment on first installation.18:29
jintyand leaves the more difficult re-configuration problem until later.18:29
jintyfirst installation - no pre-existing config file.18:30
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