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shaprIt looks like I'll be writing a series of small articles about Open Source in the European Union, and schooltool looks interesting.17:04
shaprI just installed the debian packages and set up my own simple school.17:05
shaprThe features I've found so far are rosters, timetables, abscence checking, and resource scheduling. Is there more functionality I'm missing?17:06
shaprAlso, what features are planned for the future?17:06
shaprI looked at the Schooltool bounty list, the scheduling via genetic algorithms bounty looks nifty.17:07
shapranyone awake?17:08
shaprAlso, there was a very motivational quote about schooltool in Mark Shuttleworth's EP2004 keynote, but I can't find an exact quote.17:09
shaprSomething like "I toured the schools in South Africa relative organization was far more important than relative funding for the quality of education in a school"17:10
*mgedmin is slightly awake17:16
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shaprhiya albertas17:16
mgedminshapr: I don't think you missed any features17:17
gintashi shapr 17:17
mgedminperhaps calendaring deserves a mention on its own17:17
shaprright, true. iCal stuff is nifty.17:17
gintasdid you get the latest debian package?17:18
shaprmgedmin: thanks for forwarding the tmda bounce to me.17:18
gintaswe've released milestone 8 just a few days ago17:18
shaprI think so, I'm using debian/unstable, and I installed it last night from the local debian mirror.17:18
gintasI think that's a bit outdated17:18
shaprah, I see.17:19
shaprmilestone 6?17:19
gintasyep, really outdated17:19
gintasdoes it even have the web calendar interface?17:20
shaprwhere can I download the latest milestone?17:20 I guess17:20
gintasjust extract it somewhere and run it17:20
gintashmm17:21 mentions milestone 6 as the latest.17:21
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gintasyou could check out the latest subversion stuff17:22
shaprI'm actually using 0.7.217:22
gintasgot to go17:23
shaprok, cya17:23
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shaprhey th1a, are you the main website guy for ?19:14
th1aIs it down?19:14
shaprNo, but I think the latest milestone release isn't mentioned in the Downloads section.19:14
th1aI see what you mean.19:15
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th1aOh, actually, that's just a SchoolBell release, so it is under SchoolBell.19:16
shaprOh, I see.19:16
shaprok, my confusion :-)19:16
th1aThe distinction will be more clear going forward.19:16
shaprWhat sort of future features are planned for schooltool?19:17
shaprWill it start dealing with online e-education?19:17
shaprOr is it just for school organization?19:17
th1aNot e-education.19:19
shaprNow that I think about it, I'm surprised there isn't a standard for distributed meeting request/confirm, and same for resource allocation.19:19
th1aCalendaring standards are a mess.19:19
shaprMS Exchange has had that for awhile (not that I would use MS)19:19
shaprI think that there are a few open source apps that can do distributed meetings/resources.19:19
shaprJust seems like a bunch of schooltool installations should be able to coordinate with each other.19:20
shaprI see schooltool is using both twisted and zope. Are you using the twisted distributed object broker as well?19:21
shaprIf you are, then distributed schooltool instances probably can already coordinate.19:21
mgedminno, we're not using that19:29
pereshapr: regarding meeting request/confirm.  I believe evolution support this using iCalendar and IMAP.19:37
shapryes, good point19:51
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