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algahi th1a 15:22
alganow I have a question regarding 'responsible for a resource'15:23
algawe already have the 'owner' in the resource booking event15:23
algathe manager can set the owner (i.e. book on behalf of anybody), and the owner then sees his booking in his calendar.15:25
algathe problem is that you can't really change this field.  the resource has to be unbooked and booked by a different person to effectively change the owner15:26
algawould prominently displaying the owner be enough or is something more needed for this story?15:27
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th1aalga:  Do you have a minute?19:20
th1aI've got one little bug in my csv import changes that I can't figure out.19:22
th1aI've got things coming back double quoted, like ' "jay hacker"' instead of 'jay hacker'19:23
th1aI'm not sure what would cause that.19:23
th1aIn general.19:25
algahm, even though you're not quoting stuff, right?19:27
algaBut what about te thing I asked you ~4 hours ago?19:27
th1aOh.  Sorry.  I hadn't noticed that.  Let me read it.19:28
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th1aWhat you describe sounds fine.19:31
algaso, basically, nothing needs to be done?19:34
th1aCan any user with add permission set the owner?19:38
algathe owner is the person who booked the resource.19:38
algahe has the booking event in his calendar19:38
algaso, as of now, you cannot change the owner19:39
algaif we do it, shoud it automagically move the booking event to the new owner?19:39
th1aBut do you have to be a manager to set someone else as owner, or can regular users with "add" permission do it?19:41
mgedminyou have to be a manager19:42
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th1aHm.  Let's think of the case of a Library.19:44
th1aThe Librarian may want to be the only person who adds events to the library calendar.19:44
th1aBut it would be useful for the bookings to appear on the calendars of the teachers using the library, rather than his personal calendar (since they're also all on the main library calendar anyhow).19:45
th1aBut we also don't want to have to make him  a site manager to do this.19:45
th1aPerhaps anyone with add permission should be able to set the responsible party.19:46
th1aIt doesn't seem like something that would be subject to abuse.19:46
algabut modify is reqired for deletions, right?19:47
th1aThe default owner should be the active user.19:47
algaOK, that makes it clear19:47
th1aHaving to delete the event to change the responsible party doesn't seem like a problem.19:47
th1aBecause generally it would more accurately represent what was happening.19:48
SteveAare there any docs on what facets are for and how they work?19:49
th1aOn a high level, I think.19:49
algaSteveA: I doubt that19:49
th1aNot enough to develop with them.19:49
algath1a: did you get my mail regarding restricted membership?19:51
algawhat do you think?19:52
th1aDoes the form restrict your choices to valid ones when you're adding members? 19:55
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th1aSteveA: I think architecture.txt is still the best explanation of facets.19:56
SteveAfound some stuff h 19:56
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mgedminI've been looking at bug reports in the issue tracker20:16
mgedmin says that the description in the group edit form is too technical20:16
mgedmin(and mentions a typo that is now fixed)20:16
th1aLet me look at the page again.20:17
mgedminth1a: how would you suggest rephrasing the description?20:17
th1aThat's not a very useful bug report, is it?  :-) 20:21
algath1a: the 'add members/subgroups' form only shows valid members  when the restriction is on20:21
th1aalga: OK. That sounds right.20:21
th1aalga:  I'll have a look at it later.20:21
th1amgedmin:  I can't remember if there is something else that I was referring to that has also been changed.  There needs to be some clearer representation of group relationships, but that's a pretty big UI question.  Not really a bug.20:23
th1amgedmin:  You might as well just close the bug.  20:24
mgedminthe most important bit (typo) has been fixed, after all ;)20:24
th1aAt least I'm feeling enough on top of things to fix typos now all by myself.20:25
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th1aRight now when I run I'm getting 1 failure and 2 errors (at rev 2036).  Is this the same as what you're getting at POV, or is something else wrong with my setup?20:39
th1aI just want to make sure I don't have some underlying problem I don't know about.20:40
*mgedmin is running tests now20:41
th1amgedmin:  thanks.20:41
mgedminall unit tests passed20:42
mgedminth1a: can you paste the names of failing tests?20:42
mgedmindo you have changes in your sandbox?20:42
th1aI don't think so.  20:42
mgedminperhaps you have pyc files without corresponding py files20:43
th1aThat's what I'm trying to figure out.20:43
mgedminrunning 'make' would fix that20:43
th1aTrying 'make' and running tests again...20:43
mgedminrecently we renamed to, you might still have a pyc from an older version and that would break 'import csv' in the same package20:43
mgedminactually, if you ran tests with 'make test', then all stale pyc should have been removed20:44
*mgedmin 's tests finished successfully20:44
th1aThat cleared up the errors, and might explain why I spent the last five hours of my life trying to figure out why the changes I was making to weren't working.20:45
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hoffmanHere's the remaining failure:20:47
hoffmanFAIL: schooltool.tests.test_icalendar.TestVEvent.test_validate_rrule_exceptions20:47
hoffmanTraceback (most recent call last):20:47
hoffman  File "/home/hoffman/schooltool/src/schooltool/tests/", line 424, in test_validate_rrule_exceptions20:47
hoffman    (date(1996, 4, 2), date(1996, 4, 4)))20:47
hoffman  File "/usr/lib/python2.3/", line 302, in failUnlessEqual20:47
hoffman    raise self.failureException, \20:47
hoffmanAssertionError: (, 4, 1),, 4, 3)) != (, 4, 2),, 4, 4))20:47
mgedminthat is definitely interesting20:48
mgedminit looks like a bug in the test20:48
mgedmintimes in UTC are converted to local time20:49
mgedminyou are in a different time zone, that's why you see the failure and we don't20:49
th1aThat makes sense.20:50
mgedminfix committed20:51
th1aIs it better to use "make test" than "python"20:53
th1aOK.  They all pass in this time zone now, too.20:54
mgedminwhen you want to run all schooltool tests, make test is better20:54
mgedminwhen you're developing and want to run only a subset, python is more suitable because it is more flexible20:54
th1aIt's much faster, too!20:56
th1amake test, that is.20:56
mgedminit skips ZODB tests which are very slow20:57
mgedminmake test is basically equivalent to python schooltool20:57
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th1aI see.20:57
mgedminmake test also makes sure that all extension modules are compiled20:58
mgedminand that there are no stale *.pyc files in the source tree20:58
mgedminand sets the locale to "C" to prevent translations from breaking unit tests20:58
mgedmin(which is actually not necessary any more)20:58
mgedmin(we changed schooltool so that translation language is specified in the config file rather than using the system locale)20:59
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