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Who_Am_I_246O1Is there a tool that can solve the diffential equation ?14:46
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stockholmth1a: i talked to one of the cerebrum developers (the one doing the importing etc for us)17:28
stockholmth1a: he will show up at some point here and ask about attributes that you guys might want 17:29
stockholmso that he can come up with a comprehensive xml schema17:30
th1aI just discovered that some of the SkoleLinux developers were at a LTSP meeting in Maine this weekend (a few hours away).  I wish I had known that earlier.17:38
stockholmth1a: rangnar, probably.18:02
stockholmth1a: he is our ltsp guy18:02
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th1aWell, I missed him, regardless.18:02
stockholmth1a: he sails very well, even18:02
th1aPerhaps he sailed over.18:03
stockholmhm, he must have been fast then.18:03
th1aI live about a mile from the harbor.  Maybe he could stop by on the way back.18:03
stockholmi chatted with him during the last week, i think. (c:18:03
stockholmhe might have used GPRS18:04
stockholmth1a: have you visited mark yet?18:05
th1aOn the 25th.18:06
Aisteth1a: hi18:11
th1aHi Aiste.18:11
AisteI was wondering, when are you comming to London?18:11
th1aI'll be arriving the morning of the 24th, leaving the morning of the 28th.18:12
Aistedo you have any definite arrangements with Mark yet?18:13
Aisteis the date for your meeting with Marius set yet?18:14
th1aI don't have definite plans. 18:14
mgedminI thought the date was 25th and 26th18:14
th1aI sent Mark and Steve an email last week about it, but didn't hear back from them.18:14
th1aWell, I know I'm going to be there.18:15
th1aMy wife and I are going to do some sight seeing on the 27th.18:15
Aistesteve was on vacation till sunday18:15
Aistehe's back now, but I guess he's still wading through t backlog 18:16
Aistehis email backlog I meant18:16
AisteOK, so I guess we'll be comming in the evening of 24th or in the morning of 25th18:17
th1aWho is coming?18:21
AisteSteve, Marius and I18:21
AisteI have another piece of business in UK a few days later, so I thought I might as well meet with you too18:22
th1aCertainly.  I'm glad you're all coming.18:23
th1aI've been thinking that we should spend some of the time on the 26th giving me a little lesson on how SchoolTool actually works.18:27
th1aIf so, perhaps a few other people nearby would be interested.18:28
Aistepossible yes18:35
AisteI will be leaving for my other meeting on 26th18:36
th1aThat's fine.18:36
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th1aHi Steve.18:37
th1aSteveA, that is.18:37
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