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mgedminth1a: ayt?18:20
mgedmindoes the object deletion page need a confirmation form?18:20
mgedminso the full workflow is:18:20
mgedmin1. manager clicks on delete on the start page18:21
mgedmin2. he types some search terms and clicks 'search'18:21
mgedmin3. he selects one or more checkboxes next to objects that match the search terms and clicks 'DELETE'18:21
mgedmin4. he gets a confirmation form and clicks 'CONFIRM'18:21
mgedmin5. the objects are deleted and the user is redirected back to the search form18:22
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gintasth1a: ping20:05
th1aHi gintas.20:05
th1aWhat's up?20:05
gintasI just wanted to ask one thing about the composite calendars20:05
th1aGo ahead.20:05
th1aI was just setting things up to go test the recurring events, but I have some time.20:06
gintasdo we need a form to select the groups whose calendars will be merged only for people, or groups and resources as well?20:06
gintasi.e., do we need the form with checkboxes just on people's personal pages, or on groups, resources, etc. as well?20:07
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th1aI have seen this as something that only people will do.20:08
th1aPerhaps at some point we could have a composite calendar for groups that included subgroups, or something like that, but not now.20:08
gintasGot that, thanks.20:09
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