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bskahanth1a: hey21:50
tvonHey Tom21:50
th1aTook a look at your notes code.21:50
th1aI think you should use facets.21:51
bskahanmmm, its probably going to be relationships21:51
bskahanrelationship from the note to the object its about21:51
bskahanwhy would facets be better?21:52
th1aIt seems like you're making notes to pages rather than objects.21:52
bskahanat the moment they are ;)21:52
th1aLike, you shouldn't be adding a note to the start page.21:52
bskahanbut the relationship will replace url21:52
bskahanso any IRelateable will be able to have a note21:53
th1aSo you're at a preliminary stage?21:53
bskahanwe should finish it today21:53
bskahanbarring flood fire famine21:53
bskahanwell, finish, by fully work, needing UI improvements probably21:54
bskahanassuming my understanding of relationships isn't way off track21:54
bskahanbut marius suggested relationships too, for the same reasons we were thinking21:54
bskahanso I think its the right direction21:55
th1aOK.  So you've been discussing it with him.21:55
bskahanyeah, he reviewed the whole patch, alot of help21:55
th1aOK.  He's the authority.  21:55
th1aDid you guys discuss it on IRC?21:57
th1aCould you forward to me and/or the list some of that discussion?21:58
mgedminonly it looks much better in mailman's archives that actually understand MIME22:00
th1aI'd like to have those discussion on the mailing list unless there's a good reason not to.22:01
*bskahan nods22:01
mgedminI tend to Cc: checkin comments to the mailing list22:02
mgedmindo you think that I should also Cc:
th1aHm...  I'm subscribed to checkins but I didn't see it.  Let me check.22:04
bskahanwhen I replied to mgedmin I didn't reply-all22:04
th1aOh.  I just hadn't gotten to it.22:04
th1aCheckins is ok when you're going over code like that, I guess.  That's probably a little arcane for the main list.22:05
th1aI just want to a) make sure it is archived somewhere.22:05
th1ab) make sure people on the main list feel like people are actually working on this project and it is alive.22:06
bskahancould subscribe the main list to a digest of checkin?22:07
th1aThat's a thought.22:07
hazmatno thanks22:07
hazmatplease don't, the checkin list is readily available those who want it22:08
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hazmatgetting daily digests from checkin lists is annoying imho22:08
hazmatcompared to reading the blow by blow for those itnerested in such22:08
hazmati had a 'friendly' discussion with the cps folks about the same22:09
hazmatactually it was pretty friendly22:09
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hazmatbut those checkins end up just being noise22:12
hazmaton the dev list22:12
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th1abskahan:  could you forward your response to mgedmin's email to me (and any follow ups?)22:35
mgedminmaybe forward them to checkins@schooltool.org22:36
mgedmin(as well)22:37
th1aI don't understand why we wouldn't use facets for the notes.  Isn't this exactly the kind of case facets are designed for?23:13
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mgedminit depends on whether you want your notes to be first class objects or not23:14
hazmatincidentally i'm going to be checking out schooltool to use for a school in california (pasadena) / private secondary school23:14
mgedmin(i.e. participate in arbitrary relationships, be organized in groups, have calendars ant timetables)23:14
hazmatthey want to use plone, but i'd like to see if they'd be interested in schooltool23:14
th1aHazmat:  Use plone for what?23:15
hazmatthey want a school website... they want a  public facing site, news items, info etc. but also things like blogs for members.. but its get into school tool territory cause they also want classroom schedules, and spaces for homework assignments and the like23:16
hazmater. blogs for dept. headds23:16
hazmatthe classrooom stuff is all private though.23:16
th1aI'm keen to develop some Plone integration, although Mark hasn't seemed too excited about paying for it.23:18
th1aHowever, I have talked to a guy in Oregon who is interested in the idea...23:18
th1aLet me see...23:18
stockholmth1a: would you want to find out if he would like to pay for the other system i pasted an url for the other day?23:19
stockholmvinsci might have the url, still23:19
th1aWhat?  schoolLAN?23:19
stockholmbtw: are you guys coming to some developer meeting anytime soon?23:19
stockholmit would be nice to meet, perhaps.23:19
stockholmand drink some applejuice or beer together23:20
stockholmth1a: um, what was its name...23:20
th1aI'll be in London to meet with Mark on Nov. 25th & 26th.23:20
th1aOh, the school.23:20
th1aI haven't talked to Mark this week.  Their Ubuntu linux release was this week, so I'm sure he's hyper busy.  Or sleeping off the last month.23:21
stockholmth1a: i was thinking of the system ...23:22
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stockholmth1a: it works here in konqueror23:23
th1aOh.  I don't remember seeing this at all.23:23
stockholmth1a: it is a system for computer based teaching.23:24
stockholmth1a: i have someone who would like to do it and who is capleable of doing it.23:24
stockholmbut he said it would be some work and he needed something to chew on, too.23:24
th1aIt doesn't seem relevant to me.23:25
stockholmno, it is not down your alley, but rather ours.23:25
stockholmth1a: and we dont have any money left23:26
th1aWell, it doesn't seem relevant to Mark's interests as I understand them.23:26
stockholmhm, right. 23:27
stockholmwhat are his interests as you understand them?23:27
stockholmremove the most pressing organisational bottleneck in schools administration?23:27
th1aI'm not sure I can articulate it precisely.23:28
stockholmtry it vaguely.23:29
th1aBuying proprietary software for individual schools certainly isn't a priority.23:29
th1aUsing open source is.23:30
stockholmth1a: no, it is not about buying this stuff, it is about recreating it freely23:30
stockholmin free software23:30
th1aI have no recollection whatsoever of an earlier conversation about this.23:30
th1aSo one of us is confused.23:31
stockholmth1a: it could be that you timed out before that.23:31
th1aMust have.23:31
stockholmor rather were timing out when i mentioned it.23:31
th1aWell, it is out of scope for SchoolTool.23:31
th1aThere are some similar open source packages, I think.23:32
stockholmyes, i agree.23:32
th1aThere is something that was developed at Brown University here in Providence.23:32
th1aI can't remember what it is called.23:32
stockholmcould you try to find out?23:33
th1aWell, I could start Googling, but you could do that just as easily ;-)23:42
stockholmif cou can remember something beyond "Brown University Providence educational software" let me know.23:50
stockholmit is usually easier to find things again then finding them the first time.23:51
th1aWell, it was something that allowed everyone to see the prof's display.  I assume it worked over x-windows.23:51
th1aIt's been years, and I can't think of what you'd call the thing.23:52
th1aNo, I don't think it was vnc-based.23:54
th1aI'm not being very helpful here.23:54
stockholmthere are vnc solutions. they are very un-elegant and resource hogs23:55

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