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bskahananyone know if Chandler has decided to go with CalDAV?13:30
bskahanI've been looking over their mailing list and I see discussion of it, but not a decision13:30
bskahannm, found it13:32
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th1aOh, suPYbot.  Well, yeah, I guess a python bot would be more friendly.17:22
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th1amgedmin:  I have a quick question.20:49
th1aApple iCal doesn't send a content-type.20:49
th1aWhich causes us to generate an error (with good reason).20:50
th1aBut if I could check the user-agent and add one.  But I can't figure out where to do it.20:51, I think20:51
mgedmingrep for Content-Type or something like that20:51
th1aI'm already changing the path in with some code right before ._handleVh() in http.py20:51
mgedminthe content-type check can be disabled20:51
th1aOK.  Thanks.20:51
mgedminmaking schooltool work nicely with iCal is on our proverbial to-do list20:52
th1aYeah.  Our first real users are iCal users, so I'm trying to accomodate them.20:52
hazmatmgedmin, is there a formal todo list?22:05 is the closest thing to one22:06
th1aI'm afraid I haven't fully embraced the issue tracker.22:06
th1aI'd like to move it to Trac when we move onto the new server.22:07
th1aNow I can't get iCal to do the authentication handshake.22:08
th1aDoes DAV do password authentication differently?22:08
*th1a picks up HTTP: The Definitive Guide22:08
th1ahazmat:  there are a number of fairly discrete technical features I'd like to add to SchoolTool.22:13
th1aLDAP, ZeroConf, CalDAV.22:14
hazmatany bounties? ;-)22:19
th1aI'll have to talk to Mark.  I'm still a bit reluctant to start throwing around his money publically.22:20
th1aYou can make an offer, though.22:20
hazmatworking with schooltool would be a nice change of pace22:20
th1aThe ZeroConf stuff should only take a day or two.  There's already some work floating around.22:20
hazmatth1a, dav does standard http basic auth22:21
th1aCalDAV would be pretty involved.22:21
th1aI'm baffled by iCal's behavior.22:21
hazmatth1a, there is a more advanced standard for dav acl which denotes hierarchical groups, permissions 22:21
th1aIt does the handshake correctly when "subscribing"22:21
th1abut not when "publishing"22:21
th1aGET-ting and PUT-ting respectively.22:22
hazmatth1a, i don't think caldav isn't really useful at this stage.. there any clients, the spec is still under development22:22
hazmatthe mailing list for it is at
th1aYeah.  Politically it would be good to jump on it when it is ready.22:22
th1aLDAP support will fit in with what the Etria guys are doing for 'person info' next month.22:24
hazmatthe existing zeroconf implementation for python isn't really suitable..22:24
th1aEven to just advertise services?22:24
hazmatits firing of a thread per query22:24
hazmatwell you don't even need the python implementation for that22:24
hazmatyou can just register with the system's mdnsresolver22:24
th1aBut we can't count on the system having one.22:25
hazmatagreed, it should play well with both cases22:25
hazmatthere is a associated port here22:25
th1aSo you think the existing implementation would be inefficient?22:26
hazmatin the future just about every system will have one.. at least *nix and mac... windows is an open question, but using the howl library would be good22:26
hazmatth1a, grossely.. but it depends on the usage purpose and the integration level i think, something twisted based would be preferrable but its not strictly nesc. depends on the use case22:26
hazmatdoing the ldap work would interest me22:27
th1aOn a basic level I'd like to be able to install SchoolTool on a LAN and have it assign itself a .local address that and advertise its start page.22:28
mgedmintwisted.zeroconf would be nice22:28
th1aI guess that's more than I initially said.22:28
th1aNot having to remember an IP address would be good.22:29
th1aYeah.  twisted.zeroconf gets into that grey area where I don't know if Mark will want to pay for it.22:29
*bskahan wonders if anyone is allready working on it22:45
th1aNot really.22:45
th1aTed Leung and some people did some hacking at a LUG meeting or something.22:46
th1aThat's the only thing I found.22:46
th1aYeah.  PIG.22:46
bskahanuses the pyzeroconf lib that hazmat said sucks22:48
bskahani suspect22:48
hazmatheh.. suck is a bit harsh.. inefficient is what i said.. looking over it again, it still looks pretty useful as is22:56
hazmatactually it looks like just one dedicated thread22:58
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