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mgedminth1a: are you there?20:39
mgedminpackaging 0.7.1 sounds like a good idea to me20:40
mgedmindo you want us to build the .zip and .tar.gz?20:40
th1aThat would be great.20:41
mgedminwhat about .deb?  Brian is building a Debian package, do we need a different (and probably inferior) one as well?20:41
th1aNo.  We should let Brian do it.20:41
mgedminwhere do you want me to upload the archives once I have them?20:44
th1aoh...  You might as well put them in the same folder as the 0.7 ones.20:45
mgedmindo you have the url handy?20:46
mgedminnever mind, I found it20:50
mgedminnow, what could my password be? :-)20:51
mgedminmozilla does not recognize that form as a login form I think -- it does not offer to remember my password on schooltool.org20:52
th1aI think you created it.20:52
th1aI can reset it if you want.20:52
mgedminPlone can mail me my password20:53
mgedmin... assuming I can remember my username :-)20:54
mgedminnot one of 'mg', 'mgedmin' or 'marius' work20:54
th1adid alga do this last time?20:55
mgedmindo I really have an account there?20:55
mgedmincould be20:55
th1aMaybe not.20:55
mgedmincan you see the list of users on the site?20:55
th1aYou would have created it.20:55
mgedminI have a Zope account, not a plone account20:55
mgedminthat explains why plone does not recognize my user id20:56
th1aSo create an account.20:56
th1aI'll just have to make you a manager.20:58
mgedminI'm plone user 'mgedmin' now20:59
th1aOK.  You should be able to upload into that folder now.21:00
mgedminI get a 404 page and the page itself says I'm not logged in (although other pages say I am)21:01
th1aError pages tend to tell you you aren't logged in.  Why, I don't know.21:01
mgedminhey, there is a 'mg' account created on 2004-07-19!21:03
mgedminwhy did the password mailing form say that there was no user 'mg'?21:03
th1aDon't know.21:03
*mgedmin is looking at the Members folder21:03
*mgedmin shrugs and starts uploading schoolbell-m7.1.tar.gz21:04
th1aSounds good.21:04
mgedminI see that m7 did not have a .zip with precompiled C extension modules for Windows 21:07
mgedminperhaps it is not necessary?21:08
th1aIn theory I'd like to take responsibility for it.21:08
mgedmingood, because I do not have a handy Windows machine at the moment21:09
th1aI was having some trouble getting my new envrionment set up.21:09
th1aBut I'll do it.21:09
th1aI've got things straightened out.21:09
th1aMy Cygwin python was getting in the way of my regular python.21:09
mgedminactually, Tim Peters has a web page with periodic Win32 builds of Zope 3 extension modules somewhere21:09
th1aI've got them done now.  I just need to get the py2exe part working.21:10
th1aBut I should be able to handle it.  I've done those before on other apps.21:10
mgedminok, good luck21:10
th1aThanks.  :-)21:11
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