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mgedminI've just commited a bunch of changes to page templates00:00
th1aSo is the purpose to make sure that we use the same German words to match the same English term.  So we always use "panzerfaust" to refer to a rocket propelled grenade, and not "panzershreck?"00:00
coastGNUcvs syncs are done via cron here. 00:00
coastGNUAnd first of all I have to do some apt-get'ting for svn (c:00:01
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coastGNUAnd then new cron files for svn have to be made...00:02
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coastGNUBTW. I think whith some enhancements, groupware stuff mostly, schooltool will be interesting for schools here in germany00:05
coastGNUTo my point of view a lot of e-learning tools are going this way in the moment00:05
coastGNUBut none of them will give the functionality as an administrative tool like schooltool does00:06
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coastGNUHere in germany student net and administrative net _must_ be strictly separate00:07
th1aEntirely separate networks?00:08
coastGNUSo there is a need for a e-learning centric groupware tool, e.g. ILIAS. and a administrative centric groupware, what might be scholltool.00:08
th1aDifferent physical networks?00:09
coastGNUmostly separate, only dsl might be shared00:09
coastGNUYepp, no router between administrative and student network00:10
th1aI can only think of one school I know in the US that does it that way.00:10
th1aBut the laws about privacy of student data are strict.00:10
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coastGNUYou won't find a lot of german schools who do so *laugh*00:11
th1aSo do those rules slow the overall use of the internet in German schools?00:11
*coastGNU introducing Barbarossa, aka Max, german skolelinux developer and skolelista00:12
th1aHi Barbarossa.  Mr Red-Beard.00:12
th1aI'm Tom, SchoolTool project manager, at the moment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.00:13
coastGNUNo, not at all. But securing administrative network is a must. Which most of the teachers are not aware, security.00:13
th1aI certainly found that using Zope to write applications at my school made it easier to avoid security problems, given that I was learning as I went.00:15
coastGNUI'm no friend of shooting with guns on sparrows / using monster apps like zope00:16
th1aWell, it worked out ok for me.00:16
*coastGNU has no problem dreaming FORTRAN. Better I had no problem some years ago. (c:00:16
th1aSo can German schools allow parental access to some of the administrative data.00:17
th1aFor example, to allow parents to view grades via a web interface?00:17
th1aThat'd require outside access.00:17
coastGNUNope, not at all. Or better I have never heared that this was/is practised somewhere in germany.00:19
BarbarossaI don't think that a german school would do something like that00:20
th1aSo I guess teachers couldn't do things like enter grades via the web from home either.00:20
Barbarossaof corse not :)00:20
Barbarossadata security :-)00:20
*mgedmin is going home -- it's 00:21 in the morning in his time zone00:21
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th1amgedmin:  how is the release process coming?20:17
th1awhat do I need to do?20:18
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th1aHi alga.20:19
algahi th1a20:19
algawe're still fixing bugs20:21
algaI'm not sure how the SB release should look20:22
algadoes it need import sampleschool sutff?20:22
th1aI'd leave it in.20:22
th1aIt is still a good example.20:22
th1aI'd change "Teacher" to "Contact" or something more generic.20:23
algaI made it 'Supervisor'20:23
algahm, where do we have to upload stuff?20:24
th1aThat's a good question.20:24
algawell, we can mail it20:26
th1aI'll put a folder on the site for now.20:26
th1aYou can put it here:
th1aI made you a manager of the releases folder.20:29
th1aPerhaps 'chair' instead of supervisor.20:35
th1aSupervisor is a little tricky because the supervisor is not necessarily part of the group.20:35
algathat's true for teachers20:35
coastGNUWhat about peer?20:35
th1aThat wouldn't be a common usage in American English.20:36
coastGNUUuups, a pitfall I stepped in I suppose. ((c:20:36
algath1a: I'm still not convinced20:37
algaWhy not teacher then?20:37
th1aIn SchoolTool, is the teacher considered part of the class's group?20:38
th1aAnd I guess it is optional.20:38
algamembers and teachers are separate different things20:38
th1aAs they should be.  OK.  I guess supervisor makes sense then.20:38
th1aNever mind :-)20:38
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algacheck out the new logo: 20:42
th1aThat'll do for a start.20:42
algaok, different question20:43
algahow do we 'translate' "Pupils"?20:43
algagood idea, thanks20:43
th1aalga:  while I'm thinking about it, could you make me a project admin on Freshmeat for SchoolTool -- my ID is krasni_bor20:51
th1aWhew!  I'll be back when I find a coffeeshop with wifi AND air conditioning.21:07
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algath1a: you are a project admin now.21:28
th1aCooler now.21:29
algayou you get a power outet there as well?21:29
th1aI'm all charged up from the other shop.21:29
th1aSo I've got a couple hours.21:30
algaSo you have to choose between AC power and air conditioning? :-)21:39
th1aThere's an outlet in the corner, but someone's got it already.21:44
algaso, how do we go about branding?21:44
th1aIn what respect?21:44
algashould the start script still be
th1aI suppose not.21:44
algathe python package is staying schooltool21:44
algaand the licence notice still sais it's schooltool21:45
th1aI'd change the name of the script since people'll need to interact with that.21:45
th1aOh, hm...21:45
th1aMaybe that should stay SchoolTool.21:45
th1aIf someone contributes to SchoolBell, they're contributing to SchoolTool as well.21:46
algafankly, I don't see how it'll work21:46
algawe fork the project voluntarily21:46
th1aI don't know enough about the intricacies of version control to know how difficult it will be to keep two branches in sync.21:47
th1aOr not.21:47
algaI suppose it's easier in Arch than in Subversion...21:51
th1aHow does this sound as a general intro for Freshmeat, etc:22:17
th1aSchoolBell is a free and open source application to allow groups and organizations to coordinate schedules and timetables.  Users may manage their personal calendars, group calendars and calendars for resources, e.g., rooms, projectors, etc, via a web interface, or using an iCalendar compliant client such as Mozilla calendar or iCal.  SchoolBell is written in Python, integrating the Twisted framework, Zope Page Templates and selected 22:17
th1aleworth Foundation.22:17
mgedminwhy do releases always happen on friday nights? ;)22:18
th1aIt's the middle of the afternoon here :-)22:20
algath, what about the default password?22:21
mgedminanother q: do we need wxclient in schoolbell?22:21
algath1a: regarding the blurb, I would mention that it's related to schooltool.22:22
th1aHoly shit.  Someone just went by in a Segway.22:24
th1aAnyhow, there is something we need wxClient for...22:24
th1aI think... which step...22:25
mgedmintimetable creation?22:25
th1aThat sounds right.22:25
mgedminI was hoping we could ditch all clients and just have a single 'schoolbell' package22:26
th1aWe will after the next release.22:26
algath1a: the schoolbell fork is now in progress at svn+ssh://
th1aI'm a little handicapped here because I can't get my Virtual PC instance to connect to the network, and I've still never gotten SchoolTool to run on my Mac.22:28
algaAiste had her mac set up to run schooltool, but then she reinstalled it22:29
algaand now we require a higher version of twisted, or something like that22:29
th1aAh, we'll have to discuss that sometime.  Also good to know Aiste is a she.22:30
mgedminumm, I need a short description of SchoolBell for the debian package22:31
mgedminregarding wxclient: does it need to be rebranded to SchoolBell as well?22:32
mgedmin(I hope not)22:32
th1aNah.  Let's just consider it a temporary orphan in this case.22:32
th1aHopefully it will be gone soon.22:32
algaT|N>K : tea through nose to the keyboard22:33
th1aA little different than my default mental image of a geek.22:34
algashe looks much geekier now22:34
algathat photo was taken when she was single ;-)22:35
mgedminif wxclient is temporary and unbranded, perhaps we could simply reuse the existing schooltool-clients debian package?22:35
*mgedmin is working on debian packaging at the moment22:36
th1aThat sounds reasonable.22:36
mgedminshould the rebranded schooltool-server deb be 'schoolbell-server' or just 'schoolbell'?22:36
th1aJust schoolbell22:36
th1aCan you use part of what I sent earlier for the description?22:37
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mgedminit seems truncated22:42
mgedmin<th1a> SchoolBell is a free and open source application to allow groups and organizations to coordinate schedules and timetables.  Users may manage their personal calendars, group calendars and calendars for resources, e.g., rooms, projectors, etc, via a web interface, or using an iCalendar compliant client such as Mozilla calendar or iCal.  SchoolBell is written in Python, integrating the Twisted framework, Zope Page Templates and selected 22:42
mgedmin<th1a> leworth Foundation.22:42
-->coastGNU ( has joined #schooltool22:42
th1aSchoolBell is written in Python, integrating the Twisted framework, Zope Page Templates and selected Zope 3 packages.  It is part of the SchoolTool project, funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation.22:43
mgedminok, the debian package builds and seems to work22:58
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algath1a: where do we upload?23:36
algaand what's mypassword :-)23:36
th1aI believe you made it.23:36
th1aIt should be the same password.23:38
th1aYou used before.23:38
algathe files are there23:44
th1aExcellent.  I'll get my part done over the weekend.  23:44
algaemail us if you find something wrong23:45
th1aI'm loading up a truck and driving my sister and her stuff back to Rhode Island Monday and Tuesday, so I'll get it done before I hit the road.23:45
th1aGreat job getting this done on schedule.23:46
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