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th1aalga: Just to be clear: I think we need to have a CSV import system that can add data to an already populated database.17:47
algasure, otherwise it would not make much sense, would it17:52
th1aJust making sure.17:52
algaright now the CSV import requires an empty database because it tries to create the Teachers group and some other stuff regardless of what's in the CSV files17:54
algabut it's easy to add a check whether it is needed17:55
th1aJust wanted to make sure there wasn't some strange underlying reason I didn't know about.17:55
algaweird things used to happen if you imported the same things twice :-)17:55
th1aDid I send you this link?
th1aI think we've got it all covered.  Did I forget any steps?18:08
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th1aWhen you say "at least 25 developer days" in August, is that pretty much the maximum we can expect?18:21
algaI hope not18:22
th1aWe've got 40 developer days worth in the stories right now.18:23
algawell, we've got this other project asking for a similar amount of work18:24
th1aSo I should only count on 25.18:24
algawith a deadline somewhere in early september18:24
algaI hope that other deadline can be pushed back18:25
algabut I'm not certain18:25
th1aWe're going to have plenty more for you to do after this, too.18:27
th1aSo keep your schedule clear...18:27
th1aalga:  I just spoke to Mark.19:11
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algaif Mark wants a fixed contract, we have to fix either time or features21:39
th1aI think the features are pretty fixed at this point.21:40
algaI had a different impression21:40
algawe have just a very slim chance of doing all of that before September21:41
algaso something has to be cut down21:41
th1aThat's understood.21:41
th1aI think we'll stand with these features and run a few weeks over.21:41
algaa business associate is visiting us in Septemer for a week21:44
algathe date is not fixed yet, but it might be the first week of September21:45
algawe're not likely to be available for SchoolTool work during that time21:45
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