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smhi all17:52
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th1aI'm setting up a chat for next week with my friend Kellan to talk about calendaring.19:35
th1aHe had a startup that did event/calendaring stuff and was bought out by Palm.19:36
th1aAnd now he works with non-profits.19:36
th1aSo he knows the domain really well.19:36
th1aHe's in Washington state.  Hopefully we can work out a time before you guys go to bed in Lithuania,19:37
th1aif you're interested in participating.19:37
th1aKellan's weblog is at http://laughingmeme.org19:38
mgedminthat would be nice19:45
mgedminare you planning an irc chat here?19:45
th1aWe haven't scheduled the time yet.19:49
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