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th1aIf we can, I'd like to pick up on something mgedmin was wrote yesterday:18:38
th1aspecifically, "If we want to make schooltool a web app, I think it would be better to create a new view package"18:38
th1aI think we do need to make SchoolTool a web app, sooner rather than later.18:39
algauh, unfortunately, views are more than half of the code we have, I'm afraid18:39
th1aThat's why I wanted to follow up on that...18:40
algabut probably we can reuse a lot of that code18:41
th1aReuse a lot of that code when implementing an HTML interface throughout?18:41
mgedminI would like to start by sketching some mockup user interface, use cases, that sort of thing18:41
mgedminand then look into how it would be better to implement that user interface18:42
th1aAn HTML interface, you mean?18:42
algaon the other hand, maybe we want to leave the RESTive interface as it is and make the web app more like a proxy18:42
th1aThat is a possibility if performance is OK.18:42
th1aHaving a pervasive web services API is important in presenting SchoolTool as a platform18:43
th1aNot just another school admin app.18:43
SteveAI suggest against that18:44
SteveAby all means leave the REST interface18:44
th1aAgainst which?18:44
SteveAbut I think schooltool needs to become a web app in itself18:44
SteveAnot having a web app as a proxied REST interface18:44
th1aIt doesn't seem like a proxied approach would be fast enough.18:45
SteveAit would be more complex.18:45
mgedminI'm also in favour of building a web app directly, and not as a proxy18:46
algathen we'll have two sets of views18:47
th1aYes. 18:47
algaone of them will be the favoured one18:47
algathe other one will be lagging behind18:47
mgedminI see your concern18:47
algabeing inadvertently broken18:47
alganobody will notice since it won't be used in real life18:48
th1aWhich wont?18:48
mgedminunless we keep tests18:48
algasure, we will keep trying18:48
mgedminkeep writing tests I mean18:48
algatests don't cover everyting18:49
algaso, unless there will be a real-life client exercising those interfaces, there will be breakage18:49
algalike ftp or dav in Zope318:49
th1aThe thing is, if there is an HTML interface, I'm sure the large majority of use will be via the web.18:49
th1aI guess I see the XML interface as something we are able to provide18:50
mgedminthat's why I long for acceptance tests that cover the end-user requirements completely18:51
th1athanks to our lack of need for immediate profit.18:51
th1aAcceptance tests?18:51
th1aPerhaps that's something I should do.18:53
mgedminth1a: are you familiar with Extreme Programming?18:53
th1amgedmin: I read the book a while ago.  I guess I need to reread it.18:56
th1aI think the calendaring release needs to have an HTML interface.18:58
algaour calendaring code mostly has it, as you might have noticed :-)19:00
th1aYeah.  It'll just need to be fleshed out, and allow for editing calendars through the web.19:01
algaby the way, how is that release going to happen? we have just a little of dev time paid for.  Do we need to present a new proposal to Mark?19:01
th1aPart of the reason I'm asking all these questions is to figure out what should be in the next proposal.19:02
th1aMaking sure it doesn't have to include ripping out half of SchoolTool :-)19:03
th1aI would like to set an end date for the current contract, wrapping up the logging work.19:06
algaand ssl support for the clients?19:15
th1aWhatever was in the existing contract.  I'm not trying to squeeze anything else in.19:18
algaok, fine19:20
th1aSo if you guys could come up with a time frame for finishing the current contract, I'd appreciate it.19:52
algatentatively, a couple of weeks20:04
algabut we haven't scheduled it yet20:04
algaas Steve asked us to postpone the work, we got into another project.20:05
algathere is approximately a week's worth of work left to do20:06
algaactually, it's up to you really to dictate the schedules now :-)20:06
th1aI'm easing into that.20:11
th1aI'd like it to be done in three weeks.  20:11
th1aHow's that?20:11
algapossible, I think20:12
algabut I'm going for a two week vacation starting Monday, so it's all up to Marius and Gintas :-)20:12
th1aYou Europeans and your vacations...20:13
th1aWell, discuss it among yourselves and get back to me.20:14
th1aThree weeks gives me time to get the specs together for the calendar release.20:14
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algaOK, three weeks is fine for us20:25
algamost probably it will be done in one or two weeks though.20:33
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th1aThat sounds good.21:11
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