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SteveAhi tom16:02
tom_hoffmanHello, Steve.16:02
tom_hoffmanHow's it going?16:03
SteveAI've just been talking with the guys at POV about what they've been working on recently, what they still have to do as part of their most recent contract, and what is involved in making schooltool into a more general timetabling product16:03
SteveAhow was the conference?16:03
tom_hoffmanWell, less open source and Linux than I had hoped.16:04
SteveAmaybe I should call you on the phone?16:04
SteveAmight be easier than typing a lot16:04
tom_hoffmanWe could do that.  It would be quicker.16:04
tom_hoffmanMy number is 401-785-3648.16:05
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SteveAthe phone company decided we'd had enough :-)17:07
SteveAI'd forgotten that we had irc available.17:07
tom_hoffmanI think we covered everything.17:08
SteveAanyhow, I need to get my headset working with my computer, and then try this out17:08
SteveAapparently "it just works", even with NAT systems17:08
SteveAit would be good if we had a chat every week17:08
tom_hoffmanGood.  The rest of my family has Macs and iSights, so we do a lot of video chats.17:08
SteveAwhat do you use for it?17:09
tom_hoffmanThe iSight camera.17:09
tom_hoffmanAnd iChat.17:09
tom_hoffmanBut it is a Mac only kind of thing.17:09
SteveAshtoom doesn't work on mac just yet17:10
SteveAwe can see if gnome meeting works, I guess17:10
tom_hoffmanI was thinking about that.17:10
SteveAI don't know if that does SIP though.  If not, I'd have to do some special router config here17:11
SteveAit may be that shtoom talks to ichat17:11
tom_hoffmanProbably not.17:11
tom_hoffmanLet's just try shtoom first.17:11
SteveAso, no, not ichat17:12
SteveAbut, shtoom doesn't work on macs17:12
SteveAit is scheduled for the next lot of work, as anthony baxter is getting a mac to develop on17:12
tom_hoffmanI'm on my Linux box now.  I've got a Mac and Windows pc from school.17:14
SteveAoh, ok17:14
tom_hoffmanOh.  I guess I'll need to know the details about our budget for school test sites.17:15
SteveAok, I'll mail you about that17:27
tom_hoffmanCool.  I need to go to school now.  Thanks for the call.  I think we've cleared up all my questions.17:30
SteveAgreat.  I just mailed Mark, cc you17:31
SteveAmgedmin: can you set up -> ?17:31
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