IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2004-04-01

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mgedminthings that are broken:19:39
mgedmin- ftests (there is a known fix, not committed yet, waiting for a unit test)19:39
mgedmin- ./ zodb (one failing unit test, should be simply disabled as we don't use ZEO)19:39
mgedmin- ./ zope.tal (our zope.i18n stub is not enough for the new zope.tal)19:40
algahow do we come about disabling ZEO tests?19:40
algaremove module from repo?19:40
mgedminERROR: test_zeo_config (ZODB.tests.testConfig.ZEOConfigTest)19:41
mgedminI think commenting out ZEOConfigTest in test_suite should do the trick19:41
algaah, but that's local modification of the upstream code19:41
mgedminwe've done that before19:42
mgedminlook at zope.i18n19:42
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