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mgedminI got an email from Greg Stroud12:26
mgedminit appears that __file__ is not defined in schooltool-server.py12:26
mgedminalga says its not defined for the __main__ module12:27
mgedminbut why does it work on linux then?12:27
*mgedmin is lost12:34
mgedminhey, we tested those scripts on win98 too12:34
mgedminand they did work12:34
mgedminthen why NameError: name '__file__' is not defined???12:35
algadoes google say anything?12:35
mgedmingoogle says: __file__ being defined in scripts is new in python 2.3.12:37
SteveAI thought the software refuses to run with an older python12:38
algathe server, yes12:38
algathe setup scripts...12:39
mgedminI suspect the version check comes after the use of __file__12:39
mgedminbtw I wouldn't call them setup scripts12:39
mgedmindriver scripts maybe12:40
SteveAare the small?12:43
SteveAthey might be mini-driver scripts12:44
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mgedminthe version check is at the very top of schooltool-server.py13:40
mgedminGreg does have python 2.313:40
mgedminI've sent him an email asking for the exacty python version13:53
mgedminand suggesting to either upgrade to 2.3.3 or substitute __file__ with sys.argv[0] as a workaround13:53
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