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SteveAschooltool work...14:53
SteveAso, mark largely approved the work and the costs14:53
SteveAwhen do you want to start?14:53
algaas soon as possible, perhaps 14:54
SteveAbasically, the work is in two parts14:54
algaonce the piles of mail and your webalizer get sorted out14:55
SteveAone part is in the tasks you have estimated14:55
SteveAthe other part is more flexible14:55
*SteveA waits14:55
algadid you do any editing on our proposal?14:55
SteveAa tiny bit14:55
algacan we get the edited version?14:55
algaso that we can modify that14:56
SteveAyes, but I think I only chopped some comments fro mthe bottom :)14:56
SteveAmark and I discussed it as a "draft" proposal14:56
SteveAwhen I get back, we need to make it more concrete14:56
SteveAanyhow, right now, there's someone who is trying to get schooltool working for a demo that is happening soon14:57
SteveAcan I get him to mail someone for help?14:57
SteveA(I'm supposed to be talking to people and doing stuff here at infrae)14:57
SteveAthis help comes out of the "getting a school started with schooltool" part of the proposal14:58
SteveAyou? mg?14:59
algaboth... maybe an alias would be good14:59
SteveAI want to tell him to expect an email from someone14:59
SteveAok, you can do it :)14:59
algaaltogether, I think that Marius is better with solving user problems :-)15:00
algaso, when are you coming back?15:00
mgedminme??? user problems???15:01
mgedmin*I* was the one who masqueraded as BOFH during M's halloween party15:01
algaremember os_linux15:01
algaor schooltool mailing list15:01
SteveAis bofh worse than an arab with an uzi?15:02
mgedminover email -- yes15:03
SteveAthe only thing is, I'll need to account for your time supporting brian, so please keep thorough notes15:03
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SteveAPlease contact Greg Stroud, and help him get the schooltool milestone working. 17:56
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