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SteveAi am here21:10
mgedminwhat's the plan21:18
algasteve, the major wart i see is that the group timetables are not accessable in the ui21:18
algaand in mozilla21:18
algaas it prefers text/xml to text/html21:18
algamarius is a bitch not to try to work around that21:19
SteveAour client prefers practicality to purity, although we often prefer purity21:20
SteveAhow do you get to the group timetables, then?21:21
algawith wget --header Accept text/html21:21
SteveAand do they come back in HTML?21:22
SteveAis there a page with a list of the timetables, or some other way to get to them?21:22
algayou can get HTML if you prefer it in your Accept header21:22
SteveAI think we are doing ourselves a disservice if we make people mess with a commandline tool, or mess with their mozilla settings just to view a "web page".21:24
SteveAI suggest a modified accept: algorithm for these pages21:24
SteveAif text/html is accepted, then send that21:24
mgedminI thought about this21:24
mgedminusing text/vnd.schooltool.timetable21:25
mgedminfor our xmls21:25
mgedminand using html for htmls21:25
SteveAtext/xml+schooltool 21:25
SteveAtext/xml+schooltooltimetable ?21:25
mgedminI can't force myself to knowingly violate HTTP/1.1 RFC wrt Accept: interpretation21:25
mgedminI'd prefer a User-Agent: hack21:25
SteveAwhatever hack, so long as it works21:26
SteveAin IE and Moz21:26
mgedmin(to violation, but perhaps I'd prefer text/xml+schooltool to user-agent hacks)21:26
SteveAI mean, all of them have "Mozilla" in the user agent string iirc21:26
mgedminboth IE and Moz contai 'Mozilla' in 21:26
mgedminyou said that21:26
SteveAno one needs to get violated21:27
SteveAthis isn't japanese tentacle porn21:27
SteveAso, with that server "wart" fixed, what else is needed for the software in the repository to be ready for release?21:29
algaI'll be committing the sampleschool stuff wrt timetabling soon21:30
mgedminI'm about to commit a fix to school timetable view so that it does not include teacher's personal timetables in its output21:31
SteveAhere's what I suggest: Finish the code tonight. Tag a branch. Sleep on it. See if it still runs in the *morning*. Release the stuff.21:31
SteveAif it makes you feel any better, I need to get up at about 6am to catch the plane :)21:32
mgedminnot a bad idea21:33
SteveAbeing in .lt, you have the advantage that morning in lithuania is earlier than morning in most other places that matter21:35
SteveAalthough, not in south africa, of course21:35
SteveAto do a release: tag branch, export branch, tar and gz it. On server, re-arrange suboptimal "milestones" page into a folder of "milestones/" and "milestones/m2" and "milestones/m3" or something __ge__ sensible21:37
SteveAupdate dependences and add appropriate new dependencies21:37
SteveAon the description page21:37
SteveAadd some text explaining the new functionality21:37
SteveAperhaps do 3 or 4 new screenshots21:37
SteveAwrite email simmilar to the one for M2 to the mailing list21:38
SteveAwrite a news item21:38
algawho'll be doing that?21:38
SteveAI can do the publicity stuff tomorrow afternoon21:38
algawe'll be eagerly looking fw21:38
SteveAbut, I want to do it as early as possible, so that we can not have missed the target by so much21:38
SteveAis there an x-schooltool-version kinda HTTP header?21:40
SteveAso that the client can tell if it is connecting to an out-of-date server?21:41
SteveAcan you arrange the screenshots?21:50
SteveAwx client + perhaps mozilla timetable?21:50
*mgedmin feels his mind melting21:50
SteveA21:51:26 EET 200321:51
mgedminthe server returns its version in some header, forgot which21:51
mgedminbut we haven't bounced that version since milestone 2 yet21:51
SteveAok. need to bounce the version number. maybe make the clients WARN something if it is not good21:52
mgedminthe client should be more-or-less robust (displaying nice error dialogs with server-returned error messages instead of crashing/displaying undefined behavior)21:52
mgedminotoh a server message 404 not found might not explain to the user the exact reason why she cannot open the timetable window (too old server)21:53
*mgedmin feels his mind turning into putty21:53
SteveAI should go and finish packing stuff. Anything else I can say here?21:54
algaso we're not really *releasing* the release now21:55
mgedminwe could release a milestone 3 release candidate ;)21:55
algaone important thing that needs doing is a writeup on how the whole timetabling stuff works together21:55
algahow the pupils can view their timetables and how the admins can edit it 21:56
algawith wx client and with XML configs21:56
SteveAok. I'm not really qualified to do that at this point. Also, I'll be getting into the office in the late afternoon I expect, given flight times etc.21:57
SteveAbut, yes, there needs to be some explanation of how to actually use the thing.21:58
mgedminthat could go to the milestone 3 web page, next to all the screenshots, couldn't it?21:58
SteveAhow's the beard doing, albert?22:00
mgedmindo we need screenshots of that as well?22:02
SteveAonly if it appears on the screen.22:03
algaI think I can take a shot at the docs22:04
SteveAok, good. We can review them together tomorrow, if you like, before announcing the release.22:04
SteveAanything else tonight?22:09
mgedminI just finished spiking wxHtmlWindow for showing HTML timetables in wxclient22:19
mgedminresult: not feasible22:19
algaOK, so we have officially missed the deadline, right?22:19
mgedminAFAICs we did all the tasks we planned to do before the deadline, and more22:20
mgedminbut since we're not oficially releasing today22:20
mgedminyes, we did22:20
algabut we haven't released the release22:20
algaand there is still that one thing hanging -- how do we demonstrate the timetabling?22:20
SteveAwhat do you mean "how do we demonstrate the timetabling" ?22:23
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SteveA_laptop power cord cam out22:32
SteveA_which was a problem22:32
SteveA_then I couldn't log onto irc for ages because in the time it took it to realize my nick is in use, it timed out22:32
SteveA_what did I miss?22:32
*SteveA_ pings alga and mgedmin22:32
algaI meant "the admin sets the timetable this way and the pupils can view and print out their timetables this way"22:33
SteveA_so, are such timetable facilities available?22:34
mgedmintimetables are now hackishly viewable in Mozilla22:34
SteveA_ok, great22:35
mgedminyou missed nothing22:35
mgedminre mozilla:22:35
SteveA_so, yes we did miss the deadline. We'll get the release out during business hours tomorrow. So, we will be one day late, which isn't a disaster, but isn't *ideal* for our credibility. We'll survive it :)22:35
mgedmin<h1>Timetable /persons/000020/composite-timetables/2003-fall/default</h1> is not especially user-friendly22:36
mgedmin(if it were really simple, I'd put the name of the person there)22:36
SteveA_having the name of the person would be good22:36
SteveA_and perhaps make it into an anchor?22:37
mgedminno html at the other end ==> no anchor22:37
SteveA_I'm confused 22:37
SteveA_I saw an <h1> there22:37
mgedminI'm confused about what you're confused about22:38
mgedminyes it is a h122:38
mgedminit's what the timetable html view returns22:38
mgedminat the top of the page22:38
mgedminI's actually 'request/uri' in the .pt file, since timetables do not have references to their owners22:39
SteveA_the name would be good22:39
SteveA_timetables such as this probably should have a way to get at their owners22:39
SteveA_"acquisition" in a way22:39
SteveA_unless there is a more explicit owner... I don't know22:40
SteveA_but, it should certainly be possible to get the name of the person, even if it is just a special case sort of thing for just this html22:40
*SteveA_ just realizes that he must have been bounced from the fujitsu-forum article submission notification mailing list when the dns changes happened22:43
*mgedmin wants to go home22:45
SteveA_the main thing with most of these kinds of browser views is to make it so that people can understand at a glance what it is they're seeing22:45
SteveA_so, some text that tells them in plain-ish language what it is they are looking at and why is ideal.22:45
SteveA_go home. sleep on it.22:45
SteveA_anything else, before I too go to sleep?22:46
SteveA_how much lag is there on this anyway?22:46
mgedminI parsed that "what is it [...] and why it is ideal" ;)22:46
SteveA_I know, I'll /msg myself22:46
mgedminall the lag is in my slowed-down brain22:46
SteveA_about 1 second for me to receive my own message22:47
SteveA_over a second22:47
SteveA_ok, good night22:47
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