IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2010-12-04

replaceafilldadeng, sometimes i hit CTRL + C and rerun make when that happens00:03
aelknerreplaceafill, yeah, that's a good point, sometimes the connection gets unstuck that way00:19
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dadengok, i got the server and running00:41
dadengso what next?00:42
aelknerdadeng, ok, excellent00:44
aelknerso you have the old schooltool instance that you were using, right?00:44
aelkneri assume you want to keep the data you set up there00:45
dadengyes, i have it on the same machine with the data00:45
aelknerso the command would be:00:45
aelknerhit ctrl-c first on the server that you just started00:47
aelkneralso, stop the current server using /etc/init.d/schooltool-cando stop00:47
aelkneri think that's what you are running, right, cando?00:47
aelkneronce you stop that server and we get the Data.fs copied out of there, you won't need to run it anymore00:49
dadengyes, it is stopped00:49
aelknerok, the command would be:00:49
aelknercp /path/to/current/Data-fs /path/to/sandbox/schooltool.niepa/instance/var/Data.fs00:50
dadengi think this will require sudo?00:50
aelknerthough the target of the copy is in your user directory, where your sandbox is00:50
aelknerand the source Data.fs file may be readable outside of root00:51
aelkneri'd try first without sude00:51
aelknerto save you the trouble changing the permissions on the target file00:51
aelkneri believe copying a file using sudo causes the file to be root user00:52
aelknerthe key is having the source process stopped, which you did, so that there is no file lock00:54
dadengit is having permission issues01:04
dadengsorry do i need to put the last Data.fs for the destination directory?01:06
aelkneryes, the target name must be Data.fs01:10
dadengok, done01:10
aelknernow you can make run again01:10
aelkneri.e., type 'make run'01:10
aelknerand you'll note the port number that the server says it is serving on01:11
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dadengno, if i'm copying inside var? is it not to replace the existing Data.fs inside var directory?01:11
aelknerit's a different number than the one used by the installed package01:11
aelknerthe cp command above shows the target filename Data.fs, yes that will over-write the empty one that's there01:12
dadengcd /home/david/sandbox/schooltool.niepa/instance/var01:12
aelknerno problem01:13
aelknerlet me know what port number you see when you get the server started01:15
dadengok, i have it running now with the data01:25
aelknerport number?01:25
aelknerany url you type or any bookmark you have will need that number instead of the other one01:26
aelkneran obvious point perhaps, but i thought i'd mention it01:26
dadengyes, i know01:27
aelkneraccess the server from your browser and hit the Manage tab01:27
dadengand it has the data01:27
aelknernote the links are limited01:27
aelknerif you miss anything there, we can put it back01:27
dadengfewer than mainstream01:27
aelknerbut for now, it helps us focus on your particular customizations01:28
aelknerfor instance, you;ll notice that adding teachers, students and administrators is easier01:28
aelknerbecause the views for adding them know what they need to know to put the new person in the right group01:28
dadengok, but the student data was not imported, atleast i did not find any name in list view01:29
aelknerah, the students you added before, you put them in special groups, right01:29
aelknernot the student group?01:30
aelknerah, that's something i'll need to address with a file fix01:30
dadengjust in the persons if i remember01:30
aelknerremember you sent me your Data.fs file that time you had the problem with enrolling students by group?01:31
aelknercould you do that again real quick right now01:32
aelknerremembering to stop the server first?01:32
dadengbut we have  entered so much data thereafter01:32
dadenguhmmm, how do i get that done now?01:33
aelkneryou don't remember sending me the file?  i think you used bzip2?01:33
aelkneri'll check my email history for it01:34
dadengyes, i remember but what i'm saying is that we have an updated one01:34
dadengi have that file01:34
dadengbut the data in Data.fs now is much more than that01:34
aelknerare you saying it's too big to send via email?01:35
dadengwe've added the activities and students various scores01:35
aelkneryeah, that's fine01:35
dadengok, u want me to resend it to u?01:35
aelkneryes, please, so i can look at it, and write a file fix01:35
dadengok, i'll get now and send to u01:36
dadengi'll get it from schooltool-cando01:36
aelknerwhy not from the new server?01:36
aelknerthe data you speak of is still in the new file, just not accessible with the new code01:37
aelkneralso, you can go to any section you have set up and see that it has students in it01:37
aelknerthe only thing that is broken is the fact that the students you've added do not belong to the students group01:38
aelknerthis makes them unavailable for editing01:38
aelkneri will fix that in the file fix and return you the fixed file which should solve that issue for you01:39
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dadengAelkner i jsut sent it02:03
dadengi sent it to your gmail02:03
aelknerthanks, keep close02:08
aelknerdadeng, ok, but you sent me the old one which i don't understand02:10
aelknerthe new one is more relevant02:10
dadengno it is the new one02:10
dadengi copied it over from the instance of schooltool-cando02:11
aelkneryeah, which is the old one02:11
dadengit should have scores for student courses02:11
aelknerthe new one lives in your instance/var directory02:12
aelknerand has the filename, Data.fs02:12
aelknernot schooltool-cando ....l02:12
dadengoh, u mean the one i copied over to this new installation?02:12
dadengok, hold on02:12
aelknercould you please send me the Data.fs file from your instance/var directory?02:12
aelknerdadeng, btw, actually, i am able to use the old file you sent me to see the person objects and their groups02:27
dadengok, i'm attaching the new one all the same02:28
aelkneri just figure it better for the evolution script to run on your machine, not mine02:28
aelknerit doesn't actually matter when i think of it02:29
dadengok, so far we'll be able to use all the record inside the old one in new02:29
dadengi'm ok02:29
aelknerso i'm looking at the persons you set up and there are interesting configurations of groups02:29
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dadengnew one sent02:30
dadengi'll continue with u tomorrow02:30
dadengit's almost 2am here02:31
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aelkneroops, i closed the chat app :)02:32
aelknerdadeng, i see some persons have many groups, some noe02:32
aelknerare the ones with no groups teachers and the one with many, students?02:32
dadengyes, because we set them up using the section etc02:33
dadengthey were not directly entered into the person group02:33
dadengso we've to sort that out02:34
dadengand of course students would be enrolled in courses meaning they will belong different groups02:34
aelknerwell, all we have to do is add any person that has no group to the teachers group02:35
aelknerand all others to the students group02:35
aelknerand done, right?02:35
dadengyeah, the students group is very large02:35
aelknerit always is the largest in a school02:35
dadengand it is easier to deal with other smaller groups02:35
dadengso i'll continue with u later02:36
aelknerwell, for now on, when you add a student using the student form, it will automatically be added02:36
aelknerto the students group02:36
aelknerso it's getting late for you, right?02:36
dadengit is almost 2am here02:36
dadengalthough if u want me around i can stay02:37
aelknerok, i'll make the fix i suggested and email you back the Data.fs02:37
dadengtoday is weekend02:37
dadengso i can wake up late02:37
aelkneri'm free all weekend, but i don't need to keep you up late tonight02:37
dadengok, good02:37
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aelkneroh, that would help, but i'd only ask you for a little more time02:38
aelkneror better yet, cya02:38
th1aThanks, aelkner.03:07
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dadengaelkner: I got the data.fs and it is done09:42
dadengthese are my observations09:42
dadengthe average column of activity view is not displaying well09:43
dadengcan regroup the classes into grades under Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary09:43
dadengand make use of the view spaces better so that all of them can be display in landscape rather than having to scroll to next page?09:45
dadengi'll hang around to chat with u09:45
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aelknerdadeng, ayt?10:28
aelknersorry i missed you, wasn't expecting you to pop up so soon10:29
dadengoh, got up since11:16
dadengi was in d kitchen11:17
aelknerdadeng, before we talk about the activity views11:51
aelkneri wanted to point out to you the demographic fields attached to teachers, students and locations11:52
aelknerthat correspond to the parts of the census form that tabulates such data11:53
aelkneri wanted to get your reaction to those forms and explain that I'm working on a pdf report11:54
aelknerthat you could present as an automatically generated census form11:55
aelknereven if i don't have the time to make it look precisely like the one you sent us11:56
aelknerwe thought it could help you if you had at least some kind of census report for the demo11:57
aelknermake sense?11:57
aelkneranyway, i need to sleep now, it's 5am for me12:14
aelkneri hope to find you here in around 6-8 hours, and i'll be available until you need to go to sleep12:16
aelknersee you then12:16
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