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jelkneryvl: good evening!14:21
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fsufitchyvl, jelkner hi :)14:22
yvlhi, jelkner14:22
yvlhi Filip14:22
jelkneri had to get up at 4:45 am to drag filip in here this morning!14:22
jelknerbut here we are ;-)14:22
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jelkneryvl: i've asked filip to check in with you today14:27
jelknerhe is almost finished with the gradebook14:27
jelkneras soon as that happens, it would be good if he could get some direction from you14:28
fsufitchyvl: ping15:01
fsufitchjelkner: ping15:01
fsufitchnvm, jelkner answered my qtn in person :)15:02
fsufitchi was wondering what to do in the case of the "-" or UNSCORED grade in the gradebook for displaying the date15:03
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fsufitchyvl: all gradebook bugs are fixed15:47
fsufitchit looks so beautiful ^_^15:47
yvlcongrats! :)15:49
fsufitchyvl: so wat now?15:51
yvllet me take a look now...15:56
yvl looks easy16:00
yvland it would be nice to do
yvlah, and then there's
fsufitch255143, jason says not vital nor worth the time16:03
fsufitch255127 i can do :)16:03
fsufitchand i'll do 252607 after that16:05
yvlok, thanks16:05
yvland then the one with actions menu, please16:06
yvloh, sorry I missed that you already said that :(16:06
fsufitch'tis k16:07
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th1aaelkner: How are you doing?17:29
fsufitchyvl: ping17:44
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fsufitchyvl: i'm done with the printviews. i'm gonna get to work on CSS for the gradebooks instead next though, as that's critical19:03
aelknerhey th1a19:27
th1ahi aelkner.19:27
aelknerso last night I did a number of things:19:28
aelkner1) i added aelkner as a a user as you suggested19:28
aelkneri didn't play around with that use more than just logging in as him and nothing different really happened19:28
aelknerbut he's there for when I want to play around with that19:29
th1aYou didn't create the user first in Moodle, right?19:29
aelkneroh, i did19:29
aelknersorry, i remember now19:29
th1aDid you see the last email I sent?19:29
aelkneryou talked about how CAS creates uesrs19:29
aelkneri was about to tell you that i found that SSO link too19:30
aelknerFranky had found that and19:30
aelknerwe found that doing the sql update command suggested there does matter19:31
aelkneri was gong to do that today19:31
aelknerbut i wanted to look over what code changes i should make first19:31
th1aOr perhaps you don't need it if the user does not exist in Moodle.19:31
aelkneri haven't done any require_once commands yet19:32
th1aI would say that route is most promising.19:32
th1aI mean, the sql update command part.19:32
aelknerso CAS.php is not being used yet19:32
aelkneri will first19:32
aelknerthe third thing i did19:32
aelknerwas to look into PHP LDAP19:32
th1aI think your other changes were dubious -- getting it to work without them would be better.19:32
aelkneri found this link:
aelknerit talks about the need to compile php19:33
aelknerbut it doesn't go into how to do that19:33
aelknerthat looks like a slightly larger project19:34
aelknerso i'm going to avoid that for now19:34
th1aYes, it is relatively a long shot.19:34
aelknerbut did you come across anything that suggests where to do the require of CAS.php?19:35
aelkneri mean, i would have to do that at some point, wouldn't i19:35
th1aIt is required in the original scripts, isn't it?19:36
aelkneryeah, actuall, we commented it out which like you said is probably not the right way to go about it19:37
aelkneri'll send you the list of patches19:38
th1aThere is a php-ldap package in Ubuntu, if PHP is installed from packages not source, which is another unknown probably, and people having trouble using it with Moodle come up quickly, so it is probably not a fruitful route.19:38
th1aWell, I'd undo all them and pursue the question of existing users not working.19:38
aelkneri haven't done the patches to the code yet19:40
aelkneri did of course do the config stuff19:40
aelknerwith the eye and all19:40
aelknerbut that i have to do19:40
aelkneri'm going to so the sql command now19:42
aelknerth1a: i changed the admin user's mdl_user table entry to have auth set to 'CAS'19:47
aelknerthat cuase it to go further19:47
aelknerguess whereto?19:47
aelknerERROR: LDAP-module cannot connect to any servers:19:47
th1aHave you seen that before?19:48
aelkneri think that's where we started patching19:48
aelknerso maybe, that's where we went wrong19:48
th1aWell, maybe your patches will work now, but first I'd look into the LDAP side.19:49
aelknerth1a: how do i determine if php was installed from a package or from source?19:50
th1aI'm trying to figure out the command.19:51
aelkneroh, that's a new one for me19:51
th1aI mean 'apt-cache' something19:51
aelknerapt-cache i've used19:51
aelknerthat one checks to see if packages are available19:51
aelknerlike a synaptic package manager search19:52
th1aI don't think apt-cache is right...19:53
aelknerapt-cache search ldap | grep php19:53
aelknerphp5-ldap - LDAP module for php519:53
aelknerso that's what's available19:53
th1aWell, I know it is available.19:54
aelkneri'm looking at apt commands now19:54
th1asudo apt-get -s install php5-ldap19:55
th1a(with -s nothing actually happens)19:56
aelknerThe following NEW packages will be installed:19:56
aelkner  php5-ldap19:56
aelkner0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:56
th1aSo PHP is already installed.19:56
th1a(as is the most obvious way to do it)19:56
th1aThere isn't much motivation to compile PHP from source.19:56
th1aSo try installing that.19:56
th1aI'm not sure if you need to manually restart apache after the install.19:57
aelknerThe following NEW packages will be installed:19:57
aelkner  php5-ldap19:57
aelkner0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:57
aelknerNeed to get 19.8kB of archives.19:57
aelknerAfter unpacking 102kB of additional disk space will be used.19:57
aelknerErr dapper-updates/main php5-ldap 5.1.2-1ubuntu3.1119:57
aelkner  404 Not Found19:57
aelknerFailed to fetch  404 Not Found19:57
th1aI suspect it'll do it automatically.19:57
aelknerE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?19:57
th1aAre you connected to the internets?19:57
aelknerhow do i check that on a virtual server19:58
th1aCan you ping
aelknerwhen ping keeps going without stopping that means it can't find it, right?19:58
aelkner64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=10 ttl=55 time=9.30 ms19:59
aelkner64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=10 ttl=55 time=9.30 ms19:59
th1aIt is finding it.20:00
th1aTry apt again.20:00
aelkneroh, ok20:01
aelknersame error20:01
th1aOr try to wget the url.20:01
aelknersame not fond error20:01
aelknercould they be down?20:01
th1aNo, but the url is wrong (I can see on my browser).20:02
th1aYou probably need to apt-get update20:03
aelknerwell, the browser just gives the same 404 error20:03
th1aThe version number is supposed to be ubuntu.3.1220:03
aelkneri changes it to a 1220:04
aelknerand it wanted to download it20:04
aelknerso maybe i need to edit the apt courses20:04
aelknerright now it has:20:05
aelknerdeb dapper main restricted20:05
aelknerdeb-src dapper main restricted20:05
aelknerdeb dapper universe20:05
aelknerdeb-src dapper universe20:05
th1aWhat are you babbling about Alan?20:05
th1aapt-get update!20:05
aelknerapt-get update worked20:07
aelknerwhat does it do?20:07
th1aIt updates the version numbers!20:07
aelknerthe apt-get install is going futher now20:07
aelknerso the install worked20:07
aelkneris there anything else you would suggest i do?20:09
aelknersomething that reboots php or something?20:09
th1aDid it restart Apache?20:09
th1aIf you're not sure just do it manually.20:09
aelknerI guess it tried and failed:20:10
aelknerSetting up libapache2-mod-php5 (5.1.2-1ubuntu3.12) ...20:10
aelkner * Forcing reload of apache 2.0 web server...                                                                                                                apache2: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName20:10
aelknerso i can do it myself with etc/init.d/apache2 restart20:10
aelkneri get the same error20:10
aelkner * Forcing reload of apache 2.0 web server...                                                                                                                apache2: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName20:11
aelkner[Thu Aug 21 13:08:40 2008] [warn] VirtualHost overlaps with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive20:11
aelknerapache2: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName20:11
aelkner[Thu Aug 21 13:08:41 2008] [warn] VirtualHost overlaps with VirtualHost, the first has precedence, perhaps you need a NameVirtualHost directive20:11
th1aYes, that's not a problem.20:11
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th1aOr, if it is, it always has been.  But I don't think it is the actual current problem.20:12
aelknerunfortunately, the ldap error still comes up20:13
aelknerthere must be something i need to configure with ldap20:13
th1aWell, go to the admin page for CAS.20:14
th1aDoes it still warn you that PHP-ldap is not installed?20:14
aelkneri was thinking of checking that, but i need to patch the db back, give me a sec20:14
th1aDoing all this experimenting with the admin user is probably ill-advised.20:15
aelknerok, well, i patched the admin user to have auth manual as before20:16
aelkneri got into moodle20:16
th1aOn your browser you can sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser and use that logged in as a different user.20:16
th1aI mean, on your laptop, you can do that.20:16
aelkneri understand20:16
th1aI'm imagine there is a firefox plugin to do that in tabs...20:16
aelknerignas showed me a trick to create aliases in i don't remember what file at the moment20:19
aelknerthat allows you to be more than one user20:19
aelkneri'm looking for that file now20:20
ignas127.0.0.1 localhost.localdomain localhost Ignas schooltool1 schooltool2 morka ivija1 ivija2 cando20:21
aelknerthis is the line i have20:21
aelkner127.0.0.1 localhost cando teacher student20:21
aelknerso yeah20:22
aelknerbut can that be done for a remote ip as well?20:22
aelknerdo i need to specify the ip or could i use the host name?20:22
th1aAh... clever.20:22
aelknercould i have:20:23 sla_admin sla_teacher20:23
aelkneror do i need to use the ip?20:23
aelkneri'm using the ip for now20:24
aelkner192.231.162.184 sla_admin sla_teacher20:24
aelkneri hope that works20:25
aelknerthat worked20:25
aelknerwell, it doesn't really help becuase, the ruby-cas server doesn't like the redirect20:32
aelkneri get redirected to ruby-cas with this url20:33
aelknerand i authenticate, and it gives this error20:33
aelknerThe target service your browser supplied appears to be invalid. Please contact your system administrator for help.20:33
aelknerso ruby-cas can't get back to moodle20:33
th1aI think messing with /etc/hosts is not a good idea.20:38
aelkneryeah, i'm undoing that now20:41
aelkneri'll fix the aelkner user to use cas and try with that one20:42
aelknerth1a: I did the same test with aelkner where i patched the auth to 'cas'20:44
aelknerit gave me the same ldap error20:44
aelknerwy the hell would it be trying to connect to an ldap server?20:45
th1aDoes the admin screen still complain that php-ldap isn't installed?20:45
th1aDo you know if this data is in a config file or the database (i.e., is there a config file you can manually check)?20:49
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aelknerwhich data do you mean?20:50
aelknerconfig file for ldap or moodle?20:50
aelkneri am looking at the code20:50
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aelknertrying to figure out why it tries to connect to ldap...20:58
th1aPerhaps you can grep the error and work backwards, too.21:05
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aelknerthat's wha i'm doing21:08
aelknerth1a: in auth/cas/auth.php there is a routine called sync_users21:11
aelknerit looks like it's important21:11
aelknerbut why it insists on connecting to ldap i'm not sure21:12
th1aIt may literally be because everyone uses this with LDAP so nobody found the bug.21:12
aelknercould be21:12
th1aI mean, it is mostly universities that use CAS.21:12
th1aAnd they're going to have LDAP.21:13
th1aDoes that look like where it is trying to force the connection?21:14
aelknersorry, a neigbor stopped by21:15
aelknerit is in sysnc_users where it calls ldap_connect21:16
aelknerand that of course is where it fails21:16
aelknerso i think you're right21:16
th1aComment that out.21:16
aelknernow you see the road Fanky and I went down, but maybe with you're help we'll do it in a better fashion21:17
aelknerlet me look at the code to see what it wold mean to comment it out21:17
th1aWell, this is a different route.21:18
aelknerso the class in auth/cas/auth.php is called auth_plugin_cas, and it depends heavily on ldap21:24
aelknerit's init routine sets up defaults21:25
aelknerand that sync_roles routine needs that ldap_connect in many places21:25
aelknerbut i'm going to comment out the connect just to see the next failure21:26
th1aWhat does sync_roles do?21:26
aelknersyncronizes user fron external db to moodle user table21:26
th1aThat entire thing is, at the moment at least, irrelevant.21:27
aelknerit creates a temp table21:27
aelknerconnects to ldap21:27
aelkneruses the info it finds there to update the temp table21:27
th1aCan you comment out the whole thing.21:27
th1aOr never call it?21:28
aelkneri'll look21:28
th1aOr just connect it to the CAS MySQL db instead?21:28
aelknerit's not that easy21:31
aelknerafter commenting out the call to sync_roles i get this camping problem21:32
aelkneroh, never mind21:33
aelkneri got some crash on the ruby server now that's a different thing21:33
aelknerLost connection to MySQL server during query: SELECT * FROM `casserver_lt` WHERE (`casserver_lt`.`ticket` = 'LT-1219343412r8742281964356D5A28') LIMIT 1:21:33
aelknerlooks like mysql went down on the cas server21:34
aelkneri'll go check21:34
aelkneri don't know what that was, but it went away, so I'm not going to worry about it21:37
th1aaelkner: Making any progress?21:59
aelknersill looking21:59
aelkneri put a stack trace into where it puts out that error, but it's talking a whlie to read22:00
aelknerso there's this update_user_record routine which calls get_user_info22:10
aelknerin there it tries to connect to ldap22:10
aelknerbut why are we trying to update a user record?22:10
aelknerwe don't have anything useful to update it with?22:10
th1aThat's what I'm saying, just cut the whole damn thing out.22:10
th1aIf you look at the config screen it refers to a whole system of syncing up user records, which we aren't using at all at this point.22:11
aelknerlooking over my notes, that's what we did, so I'll do it again22:11
th1aAh.  OK then.22:11
th1aI mean, if the difference between CAS.php in Moodle and the bare PHP-CAS stuff is a bunch of stuff like that we aren't using, then I see why you just bypassed CAS.php entirely.22:12
aelknercheck this out22:16
aelknerit works now, and i didn't need ALL of the patches that we made22:16
aelknerprobably becuase we didn't know which ones worked22:16
aelkneri'm going to remove one of the patches to see if it still works22:17
aelknerbtw, clearing session cookies in firefox solves the ticket not yet expired problem i metnioned yesterday22:18
aelknerooh, it still works after i removed a patch to an ldap routine22:19
aelknerthat's nice22:19
aelkneri didn't need to patch that one because that was't where it was trying to connect to ldap22:19
th1aExcellent.  Once you've gotten this cleared up and tested a little more, send an email to Chris, Marcie and Bill & let them know what the problem was.22:19
aelknerso the list is really short now22:20
th1aAnd submit a bug report to Moodle.22:20
aelknerthis is Moodle22:20
aelknerdoes Bill care?22:20
aelkneri mean of course i can send him the note22:20
aelknerbut i thought maybe you confused drupaled with moodle22:21
th1aThey do Moodle stuff too, I'm pretty sure.22:26
aelknerand then i'll move onto drupaled22:27
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