IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-04-21

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*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | IRC logs at | Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET) | Use for pasting | pcardune's Zope class, Saturdays at noon US/Eastern (GMT-4) (no class today) | CanDo Sprint 9-4 GMT-4"14:48
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ACSpikegood morning15:46
ACSpikeoh no :-O the instructions for win32 binaries are 40416:25
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aelknerth1a: are you there?16:34
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LumiereACSpike: where's the link to that16:44
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Lumiereth1a: needs to fix that18:25
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smalekghhi paul18:35
pcardunehello everbody18:36
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pcardunehi eldar18:44
eldarpcardune, hey18:45
smalekghQuick question: An adapter factory returns the same reference to the same adapter object everytime it's invoked with the same argument, right?18:47
pcardunesmalekgh: not unless you set it up that way18:48
pcardunean adapter factory just returns an object that implements the desired interface18:48
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jelknerhi paul18:53
pcardunehe jelkner18:53
smalekghSo, I'd have to create a factory to produce the same reference to an adapter every time?18:54
jelknerpcardune: do you see the other chat?18:54
smalekgh(I'd say hi to you jeff, but you're right in front of me >_< )18:55
jelknerpcardune: ?18:56
pcardunejelkner: do you see my messages?18:56
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pcardunesmalekgh: yes, you would need to create your own adapter, but i'm wondering what it is exactly thtat you are trying to do?18:58
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tehminkehpcardune: we are little lost for how to move forward with the course selection project18:59
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* filip101 is Filip S.18:59
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AVN`I am here19:00
pcardunetehminkeh: well you've come to the right place19:00
* AVN` is Chris Beacham19:00
pcardunewhat can i do to help you?19:00
smalekghwaiiiitttt... Nuuu! Okay, I've got some ideas19:00
tehminkehthats why i made it so open-ended19:00
pcardunetehminkeh: :)19:00
tehminkehwe just sort of need guidance for what to do next19:00
smalekghnot entirely19:01
smalekghI just want to run some ideas by you...19:01
pcarduneok, go ahead19:01
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smalekghICourseRequirement being an adapter for an ICourse with a custom factory that returns the same ICourseRequirement every time (so implementing code doesn't have to use a set of routines every time making code look messy when retrieving the course requirements for a course)19:02
smalekghand a CoursesTaken object19:02
smalekghwhich adapts an IPerson, with the same setup of ICourseRequirement19:02
pcarduneah, yes19:02
pcarduneyou want to use an annotation adapter19:03
pcarduneso, when you adapt something you are given a context19:03
pcardunein this case, if you say ICourseRequirement(someCourse)19:03
pcardunethen it looks up an adapter form ICourse to ICourseRequirement and passes it the someCourse object19:04
pcardunewhat you can do is create the CourseRequirement object and store it in someCourse19:04
pcardunethen the next time it gets adapters, you check if someCourse already has a CourseRequirement object, and return that rather than creating a new one19:04
pcardunesmalekgh: annotations :)19:04
smalekghyay >_<19:05
pcarduneI'll give you some code to look at that does that very thing19:05
smalekghI'm assuming that CoursesTaken would do well to be an annotation adapter as well19:06
pcardunesmalekgh: I would say that before you do any of this, you should write doctests19:07
pcardunethen I can look over the doctests and make sure you have a sound implementation idea19:07
pcarduneI can even help you with the doctests if we start up a gobby session19:08
smalekghooo, gobby19:08
smalekghuh, who makes the session?19:08
pcarduneI think there is one already running on maddog19:11
smalekghwhich port?19:12
pcardunethe default one?19:13
smalekghthe default one that says '      '?19:14
pcarduneactually, a session was not running19:14
pcarduneI'm starting it now19:14
smalekghoh, there it is, 3626?19:14
smalekghso much for defaults19:15
pcardunei thought 6522 was the default... it is for me19:15
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pcardunehi filip10120:00
smalekghback on ptuty20:01
filip101so my post object has a few fields20:01
filip101they're subject, text, and posttime20:01
filip101the first two are self-explanatory20:01
filip101and the posttime is for sorting the posts in a Thread20:01
filip101the trouble is, when i create a post object, it asks me for the datetime20:02
filip101how can i make it not do that and just use
pcardunefilip101: I assume you have an autogenerated addForm for the post right?20:03
pcarduneYou can specify what attributes should be included in the form20:03
pcarduneso just leave out the posttime attribute20:03
pcardunethen it won't ask you for it :)20:03
pcardunethen in the constructor for you post object, just set posttime to
ACSpikewhat happens if you make posttime read only?20:04
* ACSpike saw that in the manual :-)20:04
filip101pcardune: how can i specifyt which attributes to put in the form?20:04
filip101because the forum IS auto-generated20:05
filip101do i need to change configure.zcml?20:05
pcardunefilip101: it is an attribute of the addform zcml directive20:05
pcardunefilip101: I can't remember off the top of my head so you'll have to look it up with the apidoc tool20:06
pcardunefilip101: have you used apidoc before?20:06
pcardunestart up your zope server then go to http://yoursever:port/++apidoc++20:06
pcardunethen you can access all sorts of documentation for zope including zcml stuff20:06
filip101sounds nice20:07
filip101starting server...20:07
filip101oh crap i have errors20:07
filip101i'll fix those first and check in with you when i get the apidoc up20:07
pcardunejelkner: I regret to inform you that some of your gradebook fixes might not be fixed today20:15
pcarduneunless I stop helping interns :)20:15
pcarduneit is a problem which can be solved... just requires my undivided attention20:15
filip101i'm sorry :(20:16
filip101there should be a pcardune-bot20:16
filip101that answers all of our questions20:16
pcarduneActually, I could probably fix it after everyone gets tired of programming (I know I will outlast everyone here :)20:16
filip101how can i run the today() method in the datetime class?20:18 doesn't satisfy it20:18
pcardunelet me look20:19
filip101oh wow20:22
filip101datetime is the module20:22
filip101and datetime is the class20:22
filip101grr i hate it when module name is the same as class name20:22
smalekghthen import and be happy :-)20:23
filip101i did...20:23
filip101but i'm not...20:23
pcardunefilip101: i am not a fan of datetime module20:26
pcarduneit is not intuitive20:26
pcardunefilip101: I would play around with the time module as well20:26
filip101i realized20:26
filip101*that it's not intuitive20:26
Lumierestick with python's internal time module20:27
filip101what's that?20:27
Lumiereopen a python prompt20:27
Lumiereimport time20:28
pcardunehere is how you should do it20:29
pcardunefrom datetime import datetime20:29
filip101soo... much... advice...20:29
* filip101 gasps for breath20:29
pcardunefilip101: that is how we do it in cando20:29
filip101i see :)20:30
smalekghyou're making it sound like a gang we just joined20:30
smalekgh'That's how we do it in cando'20:30
smalekgh*pulls out gun and mobster outfit20:30
filip101and are datetime objects comparable?20:30
filip101if i do cmp(somedate, someotherdate)20:30
filip101smalekgh:  you could see it as a gang...20:31
filip101a nonviolent gang20:31
pcarduneyou can even do datetime.utcnow()-datetime.utcnow() and see how long it took to calculate that one little operation :)20:32
smalekghgobby died20:35
pcarduneI restarted it20:35
smalekghas in20:36
smalekghdie die20:36
filip101is this right for sorting the posts?20:39
filip101 sorted(self.context.values(),20:39
filip101                cmp=lambda a,b: cmp(a.posttime, b.posttime))20:39
filip101somehow it's not working20:39
filip101and they're still being sorted by alpha variable name20:40
pcardunewell, sorted returns the sorted list20:40
pcarduneit doesn't do a sort in place20:40
pcarduneso you want to use the result of sorted rather than the thing you are sorting20:40
filip101yes, i have: def getPosts(self):20:40
filip101return sorted(...... blah blah20:41
filip101this in browser.py20:41
pcardunewhat does your page template look like filip101?20:46
lisppaste5filip101 pasted "" at
filip101hm the word topic seems to be cut off20:48
filip101i copy pasted from Eterm, so excuse the indentation20:49
pcardunefilip101: are you using data you already entered into the system?20:49
pcardunebefore using utcnow?20:49
filip101freshly entered20:49
filip101after utcnow20:49
pcardunecan I see your file too?20:50
lisppaste5filip101 annotated #40077 with "" at
filip101is there something horribly wrong that i'm doing?20:53
pcardunefilip101: are you sure it should appear in a different order than what you get?  could it be that alphabetical order happens to be the same as time order?20:53
pcarduneif not, then at this point I would use the python debugger20:54
pcarduneeverything you've done looks right to me20:54
pcardunefilip101: have you ever used the python debugger before?20:54
pcardunecheck this out:
pcarduneit is a great skill to learn20:55
pcarduneI use the python debugger *all the time*20:55
smalekghI am20:59
smalekghsick and tired20:59
smalekghof gobby dying20:59
smalekghbut at least I saved everything :-)20:59
pcardunethat is annoying20:59
pcardunewell, my goal is that at the end of the summer I will have a zope3 gobby ajax web app20:59
pcarduneok, it's up again21:00
smalekghwhen declaring something an adapter of something else, do you do that adapting declaration in the concrete class or the interface?21:04
pcardunesmalekgh: I think in this case I would do it in the class21:09
Lumiereth1a: here?21:16
smalekghhow do you commit without having the text doc popping up?21:19
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Lumieresmalekgh: you should always put a message for committing21:22
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Lumiereif you just have a very short message in bzr21:22
* Lumiere fixed it verbally21:28
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smalekghirc died21:31
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tehminkehim here pcardune!21:32
tehminkehdo not fear!21:32
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Makorihithis  is jama speaking21:32
pcarduneso did gobby21:33
pcardunebut it is back up now21:33
smalekghnot again21:34
tehminkehbb in a sec21:34
pcarduneyeah... not very fun at all21:34
smalekghI'm just doing doc testing right now >_<21:35
smalekghlike, the acutal doc-testing21:35
smalekghI think there's something wrong with the way I organized the files, un secendo...21:35
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jelknerpcardune: what are you up to now?21:45
pcarduneI just created a new branch for work on the gradebook21:45
pcarduneeveryone seems to be gettig a long fine with what they are working on21:45
jelkneri have an intern who needs help21:45
smalekghpaul has one too (yo)21:46
jelknerbvoung is working on bar coding21:46
filip101i *am* one too21:46
jelknerhe has a library that allen downy sent him21:46
smalekghI am retrieving this error from my doc test:21:46
smalekghFile "/home/bazaar/schooltool/src/schooltool/scheduling/README.txt", line 63, in README.txt21:46
smalekghFailed example:21:46
smalekgh    from scheduling.courserequirements import CourseRequirements21:46
smalekghException raised:21:46
smalekgh    Traceback (most recent call last):21:46
smalekgh      File "/home/bazaar/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/testing/", line 1256, in __run21:46
smalekgh        compileflags, 1) in test.globs21:46
jelknerbut he struggling to understand how it works21:46
smalekgh      File "<doctest README.txt[16]>", line 1, in ?21:46
smalekgh        from scheduling.courserequirements import CourseRequirements21:46
smalekgh    ImportError: No module named scheduling.courserequirements21:46
filip101smalekgh:  try lisppaste21:46
smalekgh... er, how? again?21:47
filip101pick the channel #schooltool21:47
filip101put your username (smalekgh)21:47
filip101and paste there21:47
filip101it will give us a link to your paste21:47
filip101see the lisppaste5 user on this channel/21:48
filip101it's there for a reason21:48
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pcardunehi bvuong21:48
lisppaste5smalekgh pasted "problem" at
bvuongI have the bookland library to make bar codes21:48
*** filip101 has left #schooltool21:48
pcardunesmalekgh: have you created the file?21:49
bvuongnot yet21:49
*** filip101 has joined #schooltool21:49
bvuongoh nvm21:49
pcardunebvuong: could you give me a link to that library?21:49
bvuongsure21:49 was created, and is in the dir21:49
pcardunesmalekgh: is the scheduling dirctory in the pythonpath?21:49
bvuonghere's the link:
smalekghuh, well, it would have to be for the rest of the imports to work...21:50
smalekghwhich I don't know, because there are so many errors...21:50
smalekghhow would I modify the pythonpath?21:50
eldarexport PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:youraddages21:51
smalekghthanks eldar21:51
smalekghif I did that in the directory scheduling existed21:51
smalekghwould I still have to paste the entire absolute filepath?21:52
pcardunesmalekgh: use the ./ -1m scheduling command so it only shows the first error21:52
pcardunebvuong: looks like a nice little program21:52
pcardunedo you have any specific problems or questions?21:53
smalekgh-m1 still pastes a heck of a lot of stuff21:53
bvuongI'm wondering where the eps file is created in the program21:53
pcardunesmalekgh: use -1m21:55
smalekgh-1m says an error21:55
pcardunebvuong: I would recommend just using system calls to run the program and get the output21:55
smalekghoh, yay, no module named scheduling, allelujah21:56
bvuongyou mean running the bookland program?21:56
pcardunebvuong: yeah21:56
pcarduneif we need specific modifications, we can work on that later21:56
bvuongI did use the bookland program before21:57
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pcardunesmalekgh: to add that module, copy the file into schooltool-skel/etc/package-includes/21:57
bvuongwhen I type the bar code number after typing "./bookland -a" it would produce an eps file, displaying a bar code image21:57
pcardunebvuong: yep21:59
pcardunewhat are you trying to get it to do?21:59
bvuongto produce a bar code. which I did21:59
pcarduneso now what are you trying to get it to do?21:59
bvuongnow, I just need to know how it works, by lookin inside the file.22:00
pcarduneyou don't need to replicate it's functionality... you just need to use its functionality22:00
bvuongbookland can only produce ISBN and ISMN bar codes22:01
jelknerthe problem is at this point it seems specially designed for producing ISBN bar codes22:01
jelknerhence the name22:01
bvuongMr. Elkner told me to make a program that can produce bar codes of anything.22:01
jelknerwe need a general purpose bar code creator for the resource manager22:01
bvuongwhere can I find one?22:02
pcardunewhy not use ISBN numbers?22:02
ACSpikedoes it need to be eps?22:02
jelknerthe schools already have a numbering scheme22:02
bvuongan eps file is the result of the program22:03
pcarduneall you have to do is create a one-to-one correspondance between the school's numbering scheme and the ISBN numbering scheme22:03
jelknerwe need to adapt our software to their practice, not their practice to our software ;-)22:03
Lumierethere is a python libary22:03
Lumierebut... we were using a utility22:03
Lumierethat produced ascii text22:03
Lumiereunder a barcode that produced the ascii text22:03
bvuongdo you know where the python library is?22:04
ACSpikesomeone recently submitted python code to create svg barcodes to inkscape
*** tehminkeh has joined #schooltool22:04
LumiereACSpike: nice...22:05
bvuongshould I download it and check it out?22:05
Lumierethat's the code that you want to produce... and yes22:05
filip101pcardune:  datetime objects can't be compared using cmp()22:06
filip101i've been wasting my time :(22:06
Lumierefilip101: try with > or <22:07
filip101is there a way to use the time as an int in the number of milliseconds since UNIX epoch?22:07
Lumierebvuong: I suggest joining #python22:07
Lumiereand asking if anyone knows a barcode library22:07
ACSpikeheh, what are the requirements for the barcode library, I just pasted one.22:07
filip101< and > don't work22:08
pcardunefilip101: they work for me?22:08
filip101that's... odd22:08
pcardunedatetime.utcnow()<datetime.utcnow() give me True and datetime.utcnow()<datetime.utcnow() gives me False.. what do you get?22:08
pcardunedatetime.utcnow()<datetime.utcnow() give me True and datetime.utcnow()>datetime.utcnow() gives me False.. what do you get?22:09
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filip101hang on22:09
*** bvuong has joined #schooltool22:11
pcardunebvuong: hello22:13
bvuongwhat should I do then?22:14
pcardunejelkner: the problem with having sprints on saturdays is that when there are schooltool questions, no one is around to answer :/22:14
bvuongshould I still explore the bookland file again?22:14
pcardunebvuong: I think you should look for a python barcode library22:14
bvuongwell, bookland is one though22:15
ACSpikebvuong: what are your requirements for a python barcode library?22:15
LumiereACSpike: needs to do ascii -> barcode22:17
Lumiereand then read it22:17
Lumiere(off a CueCat)22:17
bvuongthat's what I need to do?22:17
Lumierethe requirement is it write/read a barcode that is ascii text22:18
ACSpikewouldn't the cuecat do the interpretation of the barcode back into ascii?22:18
jelknerpcardune: what do you mean, mr carduner, we have you! ;-)22:18
ACSpikewhat's a cuecat?22:18
bvuongit's a bar code reader22:18
Lumierewe have a few free cuecats22:18
ACSpikemost of the barcode readers I've seen just spit text back at you via serial or keyboard22:19
pcardunejelkner: yeah, but I'm not as up to date on schooltool development as ignas22:19
ACSpikewhat format does the barcode need to be in? eps? paper?22:19
pcardunejelkner: and i am having trouble getting tests to pass in schooltool and I am wondering why they are not passing22:19
ACSpikethe code needs to be 3 of 9?22:20
LumiereI'd say paper in the end22:20
jelknerpcardune: so you will leave today with lots of learning opportunities when next you talk to him, right?22:20
Lumiereand whatever code works22:20
bvuongwhat you mean by paper?22:20
Lumierebvuong: the normally white stuff22:21
Lumierethat you write on...22:21
Lumiereor a label22:21
bvuongyou mean printing?22:21
ACSpikewell, I'm just wondering what the barcodes will be used for22:21
ACSpikeid cards? etc22:21
LumiereACSpike: check in and out of resources22:21
Lumierethe resource short id matching the barcode22:21
ACSpikeI think 3 of 9 works pretty well just from an ordinary lazer printer22:21
Lumierewould be easiest imo22:21
Lumiereis 3 of 9 what the link I pasted does?22:22
ACSpikesome other codes are too detailed22:22
pcardunejelkner: no22:22
pcardunejelkner: it is very bad when a fresh checkout of the trunk yields a lot of broken tests22:22
pcardunejelkner: that means something is very amiss in the schooltool repo, or that I am running tests wrong22:22
pcarduneI can't/shouldn't attempt anything until i have a bunch of passing tests to break22:23
ACSpikeLumiere: I think so22:23
ACSpikehow will the library be used?22:24
smalekghI cannot import schooltool.course.* without having the thing go whacked out and say ImportError: cannot import name CourseContainer22:25
smalekgheven though I'm doing NOTHING with it22:25
ACSpikeLumiere: I think may be the most popular open source barcode software22:26
pcardunesmalekgh: try doing import schooltool.course then after that import schooltool.course.*22:27
smalekghthe same thing happened in the code that you wrote22:32
smalekghand that doesn't fix anything22:33
ACSpikeperhaps a small bit of code to generate barcodes in reportlab. or even just a barcode font and reportlab would work22:33
smalekghas far as I can tell, the error is happening in a portion of code that isn't even mine22:33
pcardunesmalekgh: that is disconcerting22:36
pcarduneyou may have found a bug in schooltool?22:36
smalekghinsanely evil22:37
pcarduneI really have to get some lunch22:37
smalekghwhere do I report bugs?22:37
pcarduneAsk eldar to help you22:37
smalekghhe said to ask you22:37
smalekghbecause he couldn't22:37
pcarduneI'll be back in 15 minutes or so22:37
pcardunesmalekgh: try to fix the bug then :)22:37
smalekghthe bug in schooltool???22:37
pcarduneif it is really just an import error then it should be easy22:37
pcarduneyou might want to make sure that no functional tests are running22:38
pcarduneand that you are just running unit tests22:38
LumiereACSpike: that should work22:38
pcardunebecause functional test setups have changed in schooltool and the scheduling package hasn't been modified to handle that yet22:38
pcardunethat might be the problem22:39
pcarduneeldar can help you with making sure *only* unit tests are running22:39
pcardunei'll be back in 1522:39
*** pcardune has quit IRC22:39
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Lumierehi jinty22:57
jintyhey Lumiere22:57
* jinty is trying to figure out how to do IRC on a mac22:58
smalekghhow dost thou runneth a unit doc-test from the sameth directoryeth that oneth iseth ineth?23:07
*** bvuong has quit IRC23:10
whaddonpcardune: Do you have a working timeclock instance?23:11
smalekghhe's logged off23:11
*** smalekgh has quit IRC23:13
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool23:21
pcarduneeldar: how is it going?23:22
eldarpcardune, I wish I had more than a pair of ears and more than one brain right now23:22
pcarduneyep :)23:23
pcardunetell me who needs help23:23
pcardunefilip101: did you manage to get the sorting?23:23
filip101i made my own sort function and everything23:24
eldarMasood is having issues running his tests, I forgot the syntax for running the from a directory you're in, " -1u -s ." doesn't work anymore23:24
filip101yet due to voodoo or something else completely intangible, it doesnt work23:24
ACSpikepcardune: do you want feedback and bug reports on your zope class?23:24
pcarduneACSpike: yes23:24
pcarduneACSpike: I believe there is even a good place to put them, let me look23:24
pcarduneACSpike: report them here:
ACSpikeok, thanks. I'll be sure to use that.23:30
pcarduneeldar: yeah... test running has changed a bit... I wish we would get emails about these sort of major changes23:31
pcarduneI don't feel like reading a diff to figure out what the change was23:31
pcarduneeldar: they ripped out the old schooltool test runner and now use the zope test runner23:32
pcardunethey way I have been running tests is ./ -m some.module23:33
filip101pcardune:  is there a way that when i make an object i wouldn't need to put the object name next to the add button?23:34
eldaroh okay23:34
pcardunefilip101: I'm not sure what you mean23:35
filip101when i add an object in the ZMI, (my forum post for instance)23:36
filip101i get an autogen form23:36
filip101with  Subject, Text, fields23:36
filip101Refresh, Add, buttons23:36
filip101and a textbox that asks for an Object Name23:36
*** ACSpike has left #schooltool23:37
pcardunefilip101: oh , so you want to get rid of the textbox for the Object Name23:37
pcardunein that case you have to create your own addform template23:37
pcardunewhich is somewhat tricky23:38
filip101i c23:38
pcarduneI would move on to other things first23:38
filip101do i have to do the same thing to remodel the look of the ZMI?23:38
filip101except for the view template23:38
pcarduneactually if you can find the default addform template, you could just copy that and modify it23:40
* filip101 puts on scavenger hunt gear23:40
filip101pcardune: people say that I need to talk to you about my progress23:45
pcardunefilip101: so talk to me about your progress :)23:46
filip101i pushed the latest revision to
filip101to get stuff, branch it from there23:46
filip101threads now work23:46
filip101posts work23:46
filip101one other thing i might want  is making posts know who posted them23:47
filip101but that comes later23:47
pcardunethat is a good idea23:47
filip101what i want to do next is to make "topics"23:47
filip101that can contain other topics or threads23:47
filip101this to make the whole tree system of the forum23:48
pcardunedo have ideas on how to do that?23:48
filip101then configure it that non-admin, but authenticated users will be able to make new threads or posts23:48
filip101still with Containers23:48
filip101and with multiple object limits23:48
pcardunebtw, in you want it to say self.posttime = datetime.utcnow()23:49
pcarduneyours says postime = datetime.utcnow()23:49
filip101why self?23:49
pcardunethat will just set the local posttime variable... not the one in the class scope23:50
filip101oh i see23:50
filip101maybe that was one reason it didnt work23:50
*** Makorihi has quit IRC23:50
pcardunefilip101: yep :)23:50
filip101for future reference, is there  a way i can store user data for different users?23:51
filip101like display images and such23:51
pcarduneyou will have objects for the different users23:52
filip101i see23:52
filip101just out of sight of the general public23:52
filip101wow, Zope just pwned the forum I was making in PHP23:52
pcarduneyep :)23:54
pcarduneZope pwns a lot of things if you put enough time and effort into it23:54
filip101lol, i see that now23:55
filip101now, there's one more thing i want to do today23:55
filip101my laptop's zope doesnt see my forum module23:55
*** smalekgh has joined #schooltool23:56
smalekghhi paul!23:56
pcardunehi smalekgh23:56
smalekghhow does one go about running doc-tests from within the current directory?23:56
pcardunesmalekgh: ../../../ whatever23:57
smalekgh... that's exactly what eldar did and the test failed... okay, to something less specific:23:57
smalekghhow does one make the test recognize the module it's running?23:57
smalekghbecause the test continuously complained that the scheduling module didn't exist23:58
pcardunedid you put scheduling-configure.zcml into the right place?23:58
smalekghSHOOT!!! I think not...23:58
filip101pcardune:  so how do i make my zope see my forum files?23:59
pcardunefilip101: the same thing I told filip10123:59
filip101say wha?23:59
pcardunemake sure you have a forum-configure.zcml file in the package-includes directory23:59

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